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Questions on the play and novel "To kill a Mockingbird". What did you think of the play?

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Questions on the play and novel "To kill a Mockingbird" What did you think of the play? I thought the play was really well done. It was presented excellently in such a small area, which was good, especially in the court scene because it felt like you were the jury. The play was fairly long and kind of boring in bits, but most of it was great. I thought the court scene dragged on in bits, like when both Mayella and Tom were talking, but then again I guess that's the main bit of the story I thought the actors were fantastic. They held their accents really well and each person was perfect for their part. Except Atticus, I didn't think he was the right person for the part. ...read more.


There were many differences between the book and the play. One of the major differences in the play compared to the book was that Miss Maudie was the narrator in the play, and in the book the narrator was Scout. This made the play come out from a slightly different point of view because Miss Maudie's opinions weren't the same as Scout's were in the book. In the play, a lot of scenes were cut out, such as Jem, Scout and Dill going into Boo Radley's yard and almost getting caught by him, and then Jem getting his pants caught in the fence. This scene to me was fairly important because it showed that Boo Radley wasn't going to hurt them, because he was just as scared of them as they were of him. ...read more.


The scene when Bob Ewells attacked Scout and Jem on the way home from the school pageant was an important part as well. It proved that Bob Ewells was a very violent man and was out to hurt anyone who said he did something wrong. This scene was also important because it showed how Boo Radley was a good man by him helping Scout and Jem, and that really, he was just shy and scared because of his "reputation". What were the most important themes in the book and play? There were many important themes in both the book and play. One of them is Racism. Racism is strongly used in both the book and play, mainly against Tom Robinson. He gets sentenced to jail for allegedly raping a white woman, which he says he didn't do, and all evidence say he didn't. How did the characters in the play compare with the characters in the book? ...read more.

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