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Quiet Earth

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Dear Diary Today was a Monday. I woke up and looked across at my alarm clock, 10:15am. Oh no! I sat up quickly and climbed out of bed grabbing my dressing gown on my way down the stairs. "Mom?" I shouted. "Mom I overslept why didn't you wake me?" There was no reply. "Mom are you in?" I searched down stairs and getting no reply, ran back up into my bedroom. I walked over to the window and saw my mom's car still parked on the driveway. Where could she have gone? Well there was no point me going to school by then so I went into the kitchen to make my self some breakfast. The clock turned eleven but there was still no sign of my mom. I tried her mobile three times but there wasn't even dial tone. I was starting to worry now. I had to go and look for her as she couldn't have gone far without her car could she? I thought she might have been down to the shop and got talking to a friend from work again. ...read more.


When I finally got back home it was already quarter past one. I waited all day for my mom. Nobody knocked the door and nobody phoned. I like having time to myself but not like this. How can you explain a village full of people just vanishing? What if someone's taken them? I'm so scared. Why would they have left me? Is this my fault? Dear diary. It's been two weeks now. Two weeks since I've seen my family or friends. Two weeks since I've seen anyone at all. The food has starting to go off, but it's still okay for another few days, right? I mean, all the fruits gone rotten, the meat smells disgusting and the breads gone stale too however there are still loads of tinned foods that'll last me ages. It'll be ok won't it? However the smell got too much for me to bare. The house stunk of raw eggs and fish making me gag every time I walked into the kitchen. Heaving, I put all the food into black bin liners, tied it up and threw it out into the road. ...read more.


Dear Diary Six gruelling months have passed. I have seen no form of life what so ever even the animals have run off and left me here by my self except for the insects and rats that now plague the streets. I keep hoping to see somebody yet I am constantly terrified of who might be out there. The foods I once hated I now have to live on each and every day. Stranded in this place for so long with no one to left to rely on. This for me is hell! The world I had once loved gone, the people I had once loved gone. I sit here in the cold, crying, wondering what will happen to me. I saw them again today. I know for sure this time. I know there here, I hear them all the time now, there voices drowning out my own thoughts in my head. Everyday is just a struggle to keep alive. The hunger, the pain, I just want to end it. The hope I hang on to is slowly slipping away from me. Is there really any point me keeping my self here falling into the madness the worlds created? There is only one thing I'm sure of, I have never been so alone in my life. ...read more.

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