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Quiz about The Great Gatsby. Who is The Great Gatsby narrated by?

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Quiz on ?The Great Gatsby? 1. Who is ?The Great Gatsby? narrated by? What do you know about his family background, and why does he com e to New York? What business is he in? Nick Carraway, the novel?s narrator, comes from a well-to-do Minnesota family. He travels to New York to learn the band business; there he becomes involved with both Gatsby and the Buchanas. 1. What is the difference between East Egg and West Egg? East Egg: East Egg is the fashionable group of social elite, also known as ?old money? or people who have always had money. Tom and Daisy represent the ?old establishment?, having lived the wealthy upper class for most of their lives. West Egg: West Eggers are the newly rich. The people who have worked hard and earned their money in a short period of time, sometimes by bootlegging (Gatsby). ...read more.


1. Where did Daisy first meet Gatsby? Why didn?t she wait for him and marry Tom instead? Gatsby and Daisy meet themselves for the first time in Louisville, where he was stationed at Camp Taylor as a young officer before being shipped overseas during World War I. Gatsby had to go to war and left Daisy at home. She once told him that the reason she didn?t wait for him is because ?rich girls don?t marry poor boys?. Daisy was flattered by Tom?s generous gifts. 1. How do you know that Daisy and Tom?s marriage is troubled? She and Tom were in love at one point as well, and he also had the money to provide her with the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Tom cheated on Daisy by having an affair with Myrthle. Tom hasn?t been faithful from the very beginning. ...read more.


Daisy loved him, but she wanted to live with Tom. She didn?t want to leave him. It would be a scandal for Daisy?s family if they knew how Jay earns his money. 1. Explain what the ?green light? at the end of Daisy?s dock symbolizes to Gatsby. The green light is a symbol for the hope and promise of the future. It?s like a guiding light to Daisy. 1. What does Mr. Klipspringer represent? He?s not a true friend, he is a shiftless freeloader who almost lives at Gatsby?s mansion. Though he takes advantage of Gatsby?s wealth and generosity, he fails to attend his funeral. 1. Why does Nick return to the Midwest at the end of the novel? After his friend Gatsby died, Nick wanted to return to the Midwest. He was disgusted at the behaviour of the East Eggers. To Nick the people of the Midwest are more honest and down-to-earth. 1. Explain the symbolism of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. It?s a symbol of God seeing everything, even Myrtle?s affair. It is a metaphor for God. ...read more.

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