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Quotes/Notes for Ploughing

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Quotes/Notes for Ploughing * 'mother's face grew queer and questioning, her eyes far back on those springs, she might never see again, dear and blithe they had been' - this shows that jean Guthrie does not really like her life anymore, she wishes that she could go back to better times. The reason she doesn't enjoy life anymore is because John Guthrie has changes so much - 'the dourness hardened, hard and cold, in the heart of Jean Guthrie's man' * 'one night they heard her cry to John Guthrie - '"Four of a family is fine, there'll be no more" and father thundered at her, that way he had "Fine? We'll have what God in his mercy may send to us, woman. See you to that' - jean hates childbirth, she has a terrible time with this, This also shows how religious John was, mainly due to his back ground - He thinks God should decide when they should have children as well as how many they have. (Big families were normal at this time) * ' "Come over Jehovah" - Will cried to the horse, John Guthrie came 'fleeting across the yard into the stable' this is because he does not believe in this word being used, as it is like taking his makers name in vain. The incident which then happens is - he hits Will and he fell below the feet of their horse, Bess the is bleeding 'and then John Guthrie dragged his son aside an paid no more heed to him' - this is almost like he cares more about the horse than his own son. ...read more.


* This bit introduces the major theme of change-a family change of habitat (this would probably be the first main change Chris had experienced). * On the first night they stayed in their new house Chris and Will sleep together to keep warm, Will moves back to his own bed before morning in case of what father might think. Chris thinks to herself 'was it likely a brother and a sister would do anything if they slept together? And besides, she didn't know how.' This shows she is just at the age of realisation and confusion - as she had never really thought of it of anything but normal before. * At college in Duncairn, she met Marget Strachan (Chae's daughter) and they made friends. Here is another example where her personality is split - 'two Chrisses went there each morning, and one was right douce and studious and the other sat.... and minded Blawearie brae and the champ of horses and the smell of dung and her father's brown, grained hands till she was sick to go home again'. Then in the part where it says 'he was a socialist and thought that Rich and Poor should be Equal. And what was the sense of believing that and then sending his daughter to educate herself and become one of the rich.' - the narration changes subtlety in this paragraph from factual writing to gossipy comments. * Marget continues to educate her about sex - Chris finds this talk thrilling but also shameful, she finds this feeling that sex is somehow ...read more.


* Chris is washing her closes in a big tub with only her underwear on, her father comes in and cries 'Get out of that at once, you shameful limmer, and get on your clothes!' He then begins to rage at mother, asking what she thought people would say if they saw her - 'We'd be the speak and laughing stock of the place' then her mother comes back with a very calm/down to earth approach ' wouldn't be the first time you've seen a naked lass yourself: if your neighbours haven't they must have fathered their own bairns with their breeks on' * Chris see's a 'caged beast' within her father's eyes, this links to his predicament with that of Andy the daftie. - He was barely keeping his lust under control. * Chris asks her mother about this she becomes 'so white and ill-looking', her mother tells her 'you'll have to face men for yourself when the time comes, there's none can stand help you'- she will have to work it out for herself - the interactions between men and women. * She works out that things always change except the weather, the English Chris wants to go to Aberdeen university as it will be a way out and she could never get married then as she wouldn't be allowed to teach (so she wouldn't have to deal with men!). The Scottish Chris did not want this, she does not no what she want to do there is conflict between the two Chris's * Intro to next stage as she runs down to see what Dod and Alec were waving her up for and crying to her. ...read more.

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