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Quotes/Notes for Seedtime

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Quotes/Notes for Seedtime * 'the harvest in his blood, whispering her to come to him, they'd done it in the Old Testament times, whispering You're my flesh and blood, I can do with you what I will, come to me Chris, do you hear?' - this is another negative sexual experience when her father is asking her to sleep with him! * 'seeing father somehow struggling from his bed like a frog struggling, squatttering across the floor thump, thump on the stairs' - this phrase contains many effects 'struggling from his bed like a frog struggling' a simile comparing the way her father was struggling to a frog, comparison to animals happens many times (beast, cat) conveying animal lust. 'struggling, squatttering' is alliteration and 'thump, thump' is an onomatopoeia. By using all these techniques, it is really emphasised. * 'And Mr Gibbon came over to see her, he'd been drinking a fell lot of late' - this is showing the church and its ministers in a bad light again. * The funeral is another occasion when the whole of Kinraddie comes together and we can appreciate the strongly communal nature of their lives. ...read more.


* 'home of the poverty toffs, folk said, where you might live in sin as much as you pleased but were damned to hell if you hadn't a white stark' - this shows his real views on Stonehaven- the place that he grew up! * We realise that she wants to experience a life with men and she supports her choice to stay on at Blawearie by saying how she could not of done this is she had become a teacher - 'Chris thought for the first time then in her life how awful it would be to grew old like them, old maids without men, without ever lain with a man, or had him kiss you and hold you and be with you' * Labelling -'you know them, saw through them, tied them up in a little packets stowed away in your mind, labelled COARSE or TINKS or Fine' she thinks it is unfair how her Auntie could label Ewan in this way, personalities vary and she didn't even know him. * 'Chris went into Stonehaven again with Ewan and saw the man Semple, he was fair suspicious, at, first, but she argued him soon from that, and he got the lease changed to Ewan's name, and well feathered his own nest in the changing, no doubt' this is another example of gossip voice. ...read more.


- that you don't want to go through childbirth often (which was what even killed her mother). It was becoming more acceptable to limit family around this time (contraception was becoming more readily available) - another change. * When go to Edzell castle, Chris realises that they are not on the same intellectual level. He has no interest in history and the kind of understanding it can bring. * 'in her body the seed of that pleasure had sown with Ewan burgeoning and growing, dark in the warmth below her heart' - Chris realises she is pregnant * At the end there is an incident where Chris screams at Ewan and he comes over - she is pregnant and this is part of the emotions - she is mad at Ewan for not realising what is going on - she smacks him. He reacts by punching her twice and he would of carried on if he hadn't ran away, this is a slight clue to what happens later on when he returns from army) 'he was at her himself like a cat, her head rang and dirled as he hit her twice' ...read more.

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