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Rabbit Proof Fence - Media Coursework

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Rabbit Proof Fence - Media Coursework You are to analyse the how The Rabbit Proof Fence creates emotion and tension through the use of cinematography The film Rabbit Proof Fence tells the true story of three half-cast children in 1930's Australia that are forcibly taken from their families and sent to a camp to enforce western values. This is because of a law stating that all half cast children can be taken from their families. But desperate to return to their mother they escape and try to walk 1500 miles home, outwitting trackers and the vile chief protector, by using the rabbit proof fence. The film is a very heart-wrenching film, and shows the emotional journey that these three young children go through. But it doesn't just focus on the sorrows of children but shows their hope and optimism that helps the girls keep just out of reach of the authorities. The film opens with aerial shot of the outback, panning across to show the huge unending size of the outback. This shot gives a feel of the remoteness of the outback, as well as a lack of any human life or vegetation. ...read more.


The children are in their bed lined up in rows, almost militarily. It doesn't seem like a place for young girls. Soon after arriving at Moore River Mr. Neville arrives to inspect the children. When Molly's name is called out she is reluctant to stand. When she does get up we seethe scene from Molly's viewpoint as she gets up. This shows how intimidating Mr. Neville is and makes the viewer think what it would be like to be in Molly's shoes. Then the way he inspects Molly is not like a human but like an animal. When Mr. Neville turns away and makes notes on Molly all sound stops, and the film is silent for a few seconds. This really lets the coldness of Neville come through when he says no, and gains sympathy from the viewer for the Molly. Very soon Molly decides for the girls that they will escape. As the girls start to run away the music gives hope to the viewer for the success of the girls escape. Another aerial shot of the outback is shown reminding the viewer of the enormous challenge that the girls face. ...read more.


Riggs doesn't trust this ritual and goes to investigate. The viewer becomes tense because Riggs is known to be a danger because he took the girls in the first place. The setting is very dark which adds to the tension. Riggs is confronted by two of the women and close up's of Riggs face show his nervousness, and the power is reversed. Along with the bird noises this is a very tense scene and the viewer is unsure what will happen. This tension soon turns to joy with the return of Molly and Daisy and the music accompanies this well. This scene releases all sorts of emotion that the girls journey is over. Close up of Molly's face show her smiling for the first time since being taken away, pointing out just how important home is. The last scene of Neville doesn't show him as evil. It was his ignorance that makes him believe he was right. The final scene is real footage of Molly and Daisy as old women, with molly in her native tongue recounting her story. This brings home the realness of the story and because it is real it make's the film so much more emotive. 'Rabbit Proof Fence' creates effective emotion and tension by putting the viewer in the girls shoes and makes you realise that this was real. Sean Coffey 3046 ...read more.

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