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Race is reprensted

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In this essay I am going to compare the ways in which race has been represented in the two sitcoms "Desmond's" and "Mind your language." Desmond's is a sitcom set in a barber shop in the 1989 and Mind your language which is set in a school in 1970's. Mind your language reinforces stereotypes by the people's accents for example Ali said that he goes around and "nicking" on peoples doors when he's meant to say "knocking" on peoples door that's why you cant trust him and this also makes him sound dishonest. Ali and Ranjeet are in a conflict with each other because of the war against India and Pakistan. ...read more.


Taro the Japanese man has a camera on him because it shows that all Japanese people carry cameras and makes them look like tourists. All the students in Mind your language don't take learning English seriously by not doing their homework instead they buy it of Giovanni the Italian and coming late to their classes. Desmonds is a sitcom set in 1980s in a barber shop. Desmond's is different to mind your language. It is subverting stereotypes because in Desmond's the people own their own business and when the show starts you see white people hanging around with black people instead of white people on one side and black on the other. ...read more.


Sean is the son of Desmond. He's represented as a claver and wanting to go to school and wanting to learn. As well as listening to rap music and the older brother Sean has left and started working as a bank manager how lives well and also owns his own house. In conclusion I think mind your language is bad because it makes the people sound dishonest and bad but Desmond's on the other hand show positive view on TV because of showing black people wanting to learn and at the same time being into rap music and also black people being friends with white people. ...read more.

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