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Racketeer - English Language creative writing

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´╗┐Draft 1 My head is spinning. All these thoughts and emotions rushing though my head. Will I actually get out of here? The FEDs are talking to me, but nothing is going in. I?m trying to keep my lawyer face on, serious but calm. The penny drops. I?m pulled out of my emotions and thoughts. I hear ?I guess under the right circumstances, a man would do anything?. I?m confused, wondering if they had directed that at me. I feel something inside me shift, my mood is palpable in the room and I know they feel it. These thoughts, they won?t let me be. They penetrate my mind, rushing around like gas particles whizzing around a box. Am I getting out of here? Are they playing me? ...read more.


I manage to control myself yet I felt like I am a bull poised for the red rag, ready to rage. I direct my attention to the main agent. Suddenly he speaks, ?Who did it Bannister?? All that pent up rage and inner bull disintegrates trickling down the drain like the sweat from my brow and immediately it all changes into laughter. He looks at me like I was some sort of clown! I stop and try to control myself. With that smile still on my face I explain, ?You think I am just going to tell you? I need a guarantee that I?ll get my ass out of here and get my terms?. I was hoping through my tone and language they realise that I was starting to get agitated. ...read more.


There was nothing I could do! I got sentenced for 10 years, for a crime I did not know I was committing. (Flashback End) These emotions are slowly starting to seep their way back into my mind. By the time they finish discussing I am already in deep thought. I shake my head and focus again, baffled by their quick discussion. I am ready to hear the news. ?We will take up that offer? Westlake spoke softly. My head twitches, like someone had smacked me with a hammer. I?m leaving, getting outta here. These emotions and feelings vanish as I am too shocked with the news! I break a small smile and some thankful laughter, mainly to show these fools I was grateful. But my hatred for the Government still has not changed. They?re responsible for my sentence, they?re responsible for my Dad?s disheartened face and they?re responsible for my misery! I leave the room, not thinking twice what I will do when I get out. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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