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Raiders of lost ark

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How does Steven Spielberg use the opening scene and a half of raiders of the lost ark to help the audience understand its genre and know what to expect from the rest of the film? In this essay I will be analyzing the film the raiders of the lost ark to show audience that in the first scene and a half that this is an action adventure film. I will analyse the lighting of the movie, the camera shots, shot transitions and the sounds of the movie like the diagetic and non-diagetic sounds to show how it creates danger and suspense. I will also show the characteristics of the Hero and the characteristics of the villain because an action adventure film also has a hero and a villain which are both similar to each other. Also I will show the reward in the film which both the hero and villain want. In an Action adventure film there is always a hero and a villain. Indiana Jones is the hero in the film and the characteristics of the hero are he is brave, and we see this as Indiana risk his life for the idol, has two sides ordinary and extraordinary for he is treasure hunter and a university lecturer, youngish guy in his early 30's, his trademark whip and hat, intelligent, ...read more.


Jones then comes across a light and tells the guide to avoid it special effects is shown here by when Indy puts his hand in the way of the light and spikes come out of the wall. Jones uses his resourcefulness again by bringing out his whip and using it to lash onto a long to get across the big empty hole. Jones sees the idol and sees that this is too easy but the guide believes there nothing to fear, Jones looks at the floor and notices that one of the tiles are missing so he puts a plank on the tile and another special effect is shown as the poison arrow shoots out of the wall onto the plank. Jones gets across to the idol and the sound gets a louder and higher pitch note as Indy is about to swap the sand he had collected before in the jungle with the idol, the trap goes off and Jones manages avoiding all the poison darts being shot out from the wall. The reward in the first opening scene clearly shows what Indiana and Belloq are both trying to achieve. The reward which is the Aztec idol is use to join the hero and villain together in the first scene so the idol introduces us to the main characters. ...read more.


The Special effects are shown by when light is disturbed spikes come out of the wall with remains of a previous explorer, everything falling apart, Indiana manages to get underneath the closing door in time and Belloq laugh creates a sense of evil. In the conclusion, Spielberg clearly establishes the film as a specific genre and that is an action/adventure film so when the first scene of the film is over, the audience has a clear idea of what to expect in the rest of the film. There are a lot of conventions in the first opening scene and a half which establishes the action/adventure genre of the film such as having a hero who is brave and motivated by the greater good also a villain who is manipulative and deceiving to get what he wants. The danger and suspense of the film, how Spielberg uses sounds and music to create tension and suspense. The reward in the film is to bring together the hero and the villain. Since Jones didn't get the idol as it was taken of him by Belloq we know what to expect in the rest of the film To summarise Spielberg introducing these conventions into the opening scene and half he has clearly established a genre for the film which audiences will recognise ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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