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Railwayman - In this essay I will be looking at ways in which Lomax conveys how he and his fellow prisoners are treated here in this passage from the book.

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Assignment: Railwayman In this essay I will be looking at ways in which Lomax conveys how he and his fellow prisoners are treated here in this passage from the book. To show evidence of this I will select quotes which show choices of form, style, vocabulary and narrative viewpoint. Overall I aim to highlight the ways in which the attitudes and values are conveyed to the reader. Lomax Perfectly describes his transition from a P.O.W camp to Outram Gail. 'What our captors were in fact doing was consigning us to a lower circle of hell'. This extremely poignant statement shows use of imagery in a way that stands out to the reader. He uses 'lower circle of hell', which is a simile to emphasize the absurdity of prisoners being sent to Gail. ...read more.


'some of his colleagues were bored, slovenly and brutal'. Both 'bored' and 'slovenly' are adjectives that describe well the casual attitude of the guards. I would imagine that the attitudes of these guards were strongly disliked by Lomax' morals. He doesn't believe in laziness, to him every thing must have a purpose and he likes to carefully consider and plan any thing he does. I cannot imagine that this lax, thoughtless behaviour impressed him much. Further on in the second paragraph there is more evidence of imagery, and how Lomax uses it to good effect. 'cradling those frail creatures of skin and bone in his own emaciated arms'. This comes across strongly in many ways; firstly he is implying that these 'creatures' have taken on a kind of sub human form through their illness and horrific neglect and deprivation. ...read more.


This sums up Lomax' overall state, rather fragile and vulnerable. The effect of using an egg to compare to his head is very good, as it's immediately obvious that an egg is very weak. Imagery that easily relates to known objects enables Lomax to use a wider more interesting use of lexis. Finally Lomax describes really what was to be the beginning of the end. Lomax noticed one day that Mac who was a solidly built man had become so thin 'his anus stuck out like a short pipe'. A simile, which is shockingly descriptive and again makes use of imagery that stands out to the reader. Overall the combination of simile's, adjectives and imagery provide this passage from the book with definition and substance which is only achievable through careful use of lexis combined and Lomax' 'matter of fact' style of writing. Stephen Blighe 28/04/2007 AS English Language and Literature ...read more.

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