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Raleigh’s Diary.

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Raleigh's Diary Well, I'm finally here I arrived two days ago, on Monday evening, Luckily my request worked an my uncle sent me to Dennis's company but I don't think anyone has twigged how I got here. They all think it's a coincidence! These trenches aren't like I thought they would be, I thought guns would be blazing all the time, it's so quiet up here, every now and then you hear some rifle fire, a bit like the range a Bisley. There is some sort of rumble coming from up North, Osborne told me it was up at Wipsers way; apparently the guns never stop up there! Not like down here in these trenches it's uncannily quiet, it's nothing like I imagined when I was at school. ...read more.


The food ok it's nothing like what we got at school, but we can live off it. Trotter even enjoys it! Each officer has to do duty, that involves patrolling for two hours at a time and then all officers patrol at stand-to that at dusk and dawn. Duty is real quite boring although you have to keep your wit about you to get ready to run in case a Minnie comes over and you have to run away. Mainly you just shoot rats, there isn't much else to do. This war is much more boring than I expected it would be, I thought it would be all excitement and constant gun battles and defending the line, I came out here ready to do my bit for the country like Dennis came out here for. ...read more.


The next night several soldiers crawled out to him and started hauling him back, they could have been picked off one my one by the German soldiers. Then a German officer stood up and shouted, "Carry him" and he sent up some flares so they could see, and they got back safely! The next day they blew each other trenches to bits. It kind of makes the war seem rather silly! Well tomorrow our company's got to do a raid on the Germany front-line and Dennis has chosen me to do it! I rather excited that Dennis has chosen me, all though I starting to fell nervous and I'm wondering if I'll come back. If I do it well the Colonel says I'll get the MC! ...read more.

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