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Ralph is changed by his experiences on the island. How does Golding show this?

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Lord Of The Flies: 5. Ralph is changed by his experiences on the island. How does Golding show this? When Ralph is first stranded on the Island he is very different to what he is like when he leaves the Island. Right from the beginning we see that Ralph is a tall, fair haired, agile, a good swimmer with a "mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil." He is fun loving boy and very excited about the prospect of having no adults or grown-ups on the island. When Piggy and Ralph find the conch it is Ralph who blows it and attracts all the children to come to them. At this point all the boys feel that Ralph is a qualified leader and elect him to be their leader because "there was a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out: there was his size, and attractive appearance." ...read more.


At the end of the book Golding writes in the first person, "Perhaps he can hear my heart over the noises of the fire." Golding also writes about many of the other events from Ralph's point of view, like when at the beginning of chapter 5, Golding describes the scene that Ralph could see, "The tide was coming in..." Also, in Chapter 5 Ralph realizes that he "Can't think. Not like Piggy" and he "could recognize thought in another." This shows that events, such as the conflict between himself and Jack has changed him; when at the beginning of the novel we see that Ralph tries to distance himself from Piggy as he "stole away through the branches". ...read more.


Overall, I think that Ralph is a quite a strong character because he managed to deal with all the problems that arose, although he did seem very childish and immature at the beginning of the book. Ralph is the only person who survives to the end of the novel that realized how important Piggy really was. I think that Ralph is very determined and dedicated because he realizes that the Island was changing all of them and in my opinion it is very difficult to accept this. Also, Ralph was a fair and just leader because he tried to lead using the conch, he tried to remain civilized and planned for the groups' survival because he build shelter while the other were away hunting. On the whole Ralph is a reasonably moderate, because he isn't as lazy as Piggy but isn't as violent and savage like Jack either. ...read more.

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