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Ralph's first impression of Piggy.

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Ralph's first impression of Piggy I had just been in a plane crash, a massive plane crash. I was tired and hot, and didn't know where I was. I stumbled out of the bushes from a swarm of trees, and had observed, that I was lost. I took off my sweater, for the heat was exasperating. I was sweating profusely as my hair stuck to my forehead and shirt clung to my body. I stumbled among the creepers and tripped upon broken trunks. The sun was glaring down at me and suddenly a bird flew upwards and squawked. It was followed by a boys voice shouting, "Hi! Wait a minute!" It suddenly started raining, and the boy said, "Wait a minute, I got caught up. I can't hardly move with all these creeper things." He then came out from the bushes and I was surprised at how plump his knees were! ...read more.


He started talking about his aunt and his asthma, and wiped the lens of his glasses. He swiped the sweat from his cheeks and pushed his glasses on the crook of his nose. He then got distracted by the fruit and just sat by some foliage. I then walked through to the branches and I suddenly heard some panting behind me. I then climbed over a broken trunk and I was out of the jungle. The ground below was something I had never seen before. The grass was so fine and green, with torn coconut shells and bits of bark scattered around the floor. I looked out to the water and saw a blue so strong with such whiteness flicking against the reef. The view in front of me was breathtaking and indescribable to its incredibility. The most amazing effect of all, was the heat. ...read more.


"What did you expect?" "I didn't expect nothing. My auntie----" "Sucks to your auntie!" He was becoming annoying now and i just wanted to swim. I was still taking in all the information about the crash, landing on it and finding Piggy, being all alone with no adults at all. This was going to be fun... He started talking about his asthma too. By then I was quite irritated by him and just shouted, "Sucks to your ass-mar!" I told him about my father being in the Navy and he stood naked now, cleaning his glasses with a sock. I started to drift away on the water I could sense that Piggy would become reliant on me, as I was the first to know him and for him to know me. He seemed quite sensible, possibly too sensible. Even though he was quite physically unattractive, it seemed he didn't mind. He was quite sure of himself and had good ideas after that. It was obvious he was going to be teased about his size, and wait until I tell them about his name! ...read more.

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