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Random Night.

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Random Night By Marty Reynolds 6th Hour English April 30th 2003 I've had some pretty odd nights where odd things happen. The following is of a March day in my eighth grade year that I can somewhat vividly remember. After school on a certain hot march day in my eighth grade year, I walked out of the building and just simply conversed with my friends like I do everyday before climbing on the giant yellow mass called bus number forty with my good friend Ryan. It was a somewhat quiet ride to his home on 88th terrace. We just played our regular bus game. You basically just look for clay turtle or lawn gnomes or concrete mushrooms...pretty much anything that you could find. I really can't remember who won or what I saw but it happened When we arrived at Ryan's homestead we where almost immediately greeted by his wonderful dogs Sadie and Chico. We proceeded into his home after taking a small skate session on his driveway to almost immediately hear the phone ring. ...read more.


Luckily I called shotgun for once and I didn't have to sit next to the speakers in the rear of the car. When we arrived everybody piled out of the car and headed to the trunk to get our boards. At the park their where skater of every sort whether it be good or bad, punk or hippie or man and woman of course. I think I blended in somewhat decently, not the worst skater or not the best skater but I think I did well enough that day to consider myself one of the best skaters among the park. There was also some extra equipment to skate there that day. Their was a large bright orange and white parking barrier set up on the box and on the other side of the box their was a large picnic table that was upside down exposing two large rails to skate. I succeeded in sliding along the table but the barrier after about ten attempts and ten hard slams on the ground I gave up on it. ...read more.


Afterwards he started to pound on her for a while. When they where done screwing around they just got back into the car and we found our way to the closest seven-eleven. We walked into the brightly lit and freshly mopped seven eleven to fine only us a short bald man with a fu man chu and our cashier, a tall African American man with a low voice and a small stomach. My friends and I all walked to the slurpy machine and tried to decide what to get. I favored the freshly made pina colada well my friends got mixtures of lemonades, colas, blueberry and many other types of frozen beverage flavors. After about five minutes had passed we where all in the car and on our way back to Ryan's where I would sleep for the next seven hours of my life to start a new day where more unexpected events will occur. It had been a fun night that I think I'll remember for a while for some reason. I had fun, my friends had fun and I think I learned something from my little adventures...It's too bad I don't know what. ...read more.

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