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RE: Teen Britain: The shocking Truth(TM) article.

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The Drive Old Wallop Blackburn Lancs BZ6 7BJ 17th January, 2006 The Editor The Independent on Sunday Independent House 191 Marsh Wall London E14 9RS Dear Sir/Madam, RE: 'Teen Britain: The shocking Truth' article. Bullying, drugs, alcohol and sex were a few of the issues raised in this article, published on the 27th November 2005 as facing teenagers in today's society. As one of these young adults in our civilisation, I feel that it is my duty to defend myself and others like me in the face of such criticism. Firstly some of the points mentioned in your article I fully understand and agree with. For example, I agree that there are too many teenagers in society who are taking drugs or drinking alcohol whilst roaming our streets. You state that, "72% of 14 year olds have consumed alcohol". This growing incidence of alcohol and drug use could also be a factor in the rise of the crime rate. ...read more.


The main reason for my belief is that the media publicise a lot of the bad behaviour of teenagers; for example, young teenagers getting pregnant or drunk. However, I feel that the media very rarely praise teenagers for good behaviour and the achievement of some amazing goals. For example, good exam results, helping charities or helping out at home in difficult situations. Furthermore, some negative teenage behaviour, like smoking and drinking are activities shown on many popular television programmes, such as 'Footballers Wives' and 'Bad Girls'. After watching such programmes, some teenagers see these activities as cool and copy what they have watched. The media may also be influencing some teenagers to behave badly, as some of them crave to be famous and they feel that the only way to achieve this ambition is to do something delinquent, as they see these sorts of things getting attention every day. However, the media plays its part in the negative behaviour of teenagers in Britain today, so do a lot of people living in our country and indeed the laws we follow. ...read more.


By being so negative you make teenagers sound as bad as you can, rather than praising the ones who aren't like this. This makes it far easier for the people reading your article to stereotype teenagers and jump to conclusions; however we are not all like you suggest. Finally, I would like to question the facts and statistics presented in this article as I don't always fully agree. I don't think that you have taken a big enough sample of teenagers in Britain, also I don't think that you have asked teenagers to complete your surveys in enough areas of Britain. Therefore, I question how you can support some of your statements as you seem to are stereotype all teenagers in Britain to be like the few you have spoken to. Would you like someone to go and speak to one or two people in your street and say you were the same as them? No, I didn't think you would. Well, is it fair that you have done this to the teenagers of Britain? Yours faithfully, Stephanie Smith ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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