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Re-read the following Sherlock Holmes stories - In terms of narrative of the characters, the use of language, Structure and the authors view point and then compared them.

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GA6 Lewis Woodall 11LR Newfield school Pre 1914 prose We read the following Sherlock Holmes stories; "The adventure of the veiled lodger", "The speckled band", "The red headed league", "The crooked man" and "The silver blaze". In detail I studied "The adventure of the veiled lodger", "The speckled band" and "The silver blaze". In terms of narrative of the characters, the use of language, Structure and the authors view point and then compared them. In "The veiled lodger" Holmes is passed on a message by a landlord, from a tenant. It said do you wish to find out what really happened to Mr. Render. When Holmes and Watson got to the house they find out that the tenant was Mrs. Render. They also found out that Mr. Render did not die the way they originally thought, which was being attacked by a lion, but it was a murder carried out by Mrs. Render and her lover called Leonardo. They did this because of the way that Mr. Render treated Mrs. Render, he would abuse her when she commented on how he had other women. They made the murder look like it was a lion from the circus attacking him, by using a club with nails attached, to look like claws but the plan went wrong. They managed to attack Mr. Render but when Mrs. Render opened the loins cage to let the lion loose from the cage the smell of blood had sent it wild and it turned on Mrs. Render. "The Speckled Band" is about a family of two sisters and their step father. The mother had died and left a sum of money in the step fathers possession to keep the whole family going. When the daughters gets married some of the money was to go to them, so that the money in the end will be split three ways between them. ...read more.


I think that Mr. Render is older than Mrs. Render because of the control he ha over her. There isn't much family background on Mr. Render but I gather that he has been in the circus business for a while for the circus he works in is called "Render's wild beast show" and he has people come and work for him and leave and the way that Mrs. Render talks it sounds like she was brought up on the same circus. The author reveals a lot more history on the Royllot family. It is said that they came from stoke Moran they are one of the oldest saxon families they were extremely rich at one point but a succession of heirs unwisely spent the money. The physical description of Dr. Royllot is very clear. He is described as a " huge man" he filled a door way, the way that he was describe would make you cower in front of him. Mr. Render is described as a "huge porcine person" meaning that he has similarities to a pig he is later described as a " wild boar". He is also described as been "murderous". Both are big and strong men but they are not just face Dr. Royllot knows that if his step daughters leave him then he will only have a very little amount of money, to keep him feed and repair the building so I think that its probable that he would of killed his step daughters. Mrs. Render describes Mr. Render as the " devil" and that when she married him she "was in hell" and that Mr. Render was the one "tormented me" this would only be said if someone truly loathed someone and her situation at home must have been bad if it was to be related to as "hell". The relationship between hell and Dr. Royllot is different to that of Mr. ...read more.


If the reader is aware of this history there is an added effect to the story which would get them more involved. The police at this time were disliked because they seemed to be doing nothing to fight crime and some were even found to have been corrupt. With murderers like Jack the Ripper around and not being court many Victorians lived in fear. This maybe why Sherlock Holmes stories where so popular, everyone liked him as he away court the criminals. The stories could have been reflecting real life situation and therefore people could relate to them and the characters. The roles of women at this time were defined by men, when a woman was not married her father had control of her money and property and when she got married this control was passed onto the husband. A woman never had the right that men had, for instance a woman could not divorce her husband because she would become a social outcast, even with friends and family. Holmes however treats Mrs. Render as an equal, the only time he seems superior is when he guess she wishes to committee suicide. When Holmes encounters Dr. Royllot he act in a totally opposite manor, he aggravates Dr. Royllot by speaking politely. Holmes could have done this because he dislikes Dr. Royllot's attitude towards woman. It seems that the author shares Holmes views and is using the character Holmes to voice his opinion on the bad treatment of women at this time. Out of the three short stories I personally prefer "The Speckled Band" because it is a on going investigation and has more suspense and tension to it. The reader does not know whether Helen will survive where as in "The veiled lodger" we know the outcome at the beginning. The story of "The Speckled Band" is to me more involving than "The silver blaze", as in this story we are kept in the dark about the investigation and what Holmes is finding out until the end when he reveals all. 1 ...read more.

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