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Read through the story and write down a few points that summarise the plotof the story. Acquaint yourself with the characters in the story.

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Read through the story and write down a few points that summarise the plotof the story. Acquaint yourself with the characters in the story. plot The structure of the storyline, the way in which the action develops. This will usually include the settings, the development of character, crisis or climax and resolution * The plot is about two young people, Sandra and Kerry, who belong to the Good Neighbours' Club. * They go to do volunteer work at Mrs Rutter's house. She is an elderly lady who lives past Packer's End, a field that was said to be haunted. * Sandra is not pleased that it is Kerry she is working with, as she had hoped it would be her friend, Susie. * After some time, Mrs Rutter tells them the story of what really happened at Packer's End during the war. * An enemy plane was shot down over the field and she and her sister (Dot) went to investigate the crash. * They found the plane, but also found one of the soldiers in it still alive. * Because it was the enemy and because her own husband had been killed in the war, Mrs Rutter leaves the soldier to die overnight. ...read more.


Mrs Rutter She is seen at first to be a typical old lady who lives at Nether Cottage and is described as "a dear old thing, all on her own" (lines 4 - 5). Her behaviour and the setting of the cottage (see Setting) portray her as ordinary. She is described as "a cottage-loaf of a woman, with a face below which chins collapsed into one another, a creamy smiling pool of a face in which her eyes snapped and darted" (lines 97 - 99). This description of her appearance certainly doesn't convey anything but a gentle old woman. Kerry Stevens He is a typical teenage boy with acne and "blacked licked-down hair" who is pleased when he gives Sandra a fright when they meet at Packer's End. He is shocked by Mrs Rutter's story and vows never to go "near that old bitch again" (line 364). Setting Packer's End and Nether Cottage are where the story takes place. Packer's End is described as a scary place where dreadful things have happened - "You didn't go by yourself through Packer's End if you could help it, not after teatime, anyway" (lines 30 - 31). ...read more.


"You could get people wrong and there was a darkness that was not the darkness of tree shadows and murky undergrowth..." (lines 375 - 377) "... and the next you glimpsed darkness, an inescapable darkness. The darkness was out there and it was a part of you and you would never be without it, ever." (lines 380 - 382) These quotations refer to darkness, because the speaker in the story has just glimpsed inescapable darkness herself in the form of Mrs Rutter. This has changed the way she thinks about other people and the way in which she will view the world from now on. She says it will be with her for ever and she will never be without it now that she knows what it is. She will never be able to see a person, no matter how nice and innocent they look, as just that. This story deals with a young girl's realisation about life. Her whole outlook on life changes at the end of the story. Choose one other story in the anthology that deals with this issue and show how the authors present this issue to us. Describe what the issue is and look at how their characters deal with it. (A good comparison would be Superman and Paula Brown's Snowsuit.) ...read more.

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