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Realism in Yasmin

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English Coursework- "Discuss how realism is created in the film drama 'Yasmin' " "Yasmin", written by Oscar award winner Simon Beaufoy, is a topical drama focused around a predominantly Asian community in the north of England. Starring "Bend It Like Beckham" and "East Is East" actress Archie Panjabi, "Yasmin", explores problems and prejudices faced by Asian people in the aftermath of the atrocities in America on September the Eleventh. Using characterisation, setting, camera, mise-en-scene and sound, director Kenneth Gleenan, creates a sense of realism through an accurate depiction of life in an Asian community after the terrorist attacks. In this essay I have chosen to focus on the opening scene, and I will discuss methods used in "Yasmin" to create realism through media and film-making techniques, and how successful "Yasmin" is in doing this. I will also look at the writer's and director's representations of life for British Muslims after the tragedies of September the Eleventh. The narrative in 'Yasmin' is set in modern day and tackles contemporary issues and prejudices that can be easily applied to a Muslim community. Based around events on September the Eleventh, the audience have a universal awareness of the actual events that it focuses around, however many of the problems surfaced by 'Yasmin' are not exclusive to a Muslim community and are faced by many minorities of other cultures, religions and minority groupings. ...read more.


specific pressures that are being enforced upon her by other outside influences, it can be read as being representative of her situation making her an introvert. They are realistic sounds that are in context to the setting, and add to the effect of the peaceful tranquil atmosphere that I feel Yasmin's character seeks in the country. As Yasmin drives away, some traditional Asian music plays, a non-digetic sound, into a point of view shot showing Yasmin looking at the road ahead, that could represent the path Yasmin will take, and in combination these two mediums create a question for the audience, what path will Yasmin take, a realistic problem someone in her scenario would ask themselves, am I British or am I what my father has made me, Muslim? The second part of the opening scene I have chosen to look at is the portion in which Yasmin's elderly father, who maintains the local Mosque, and Yasmin's brother, go to mosque to begin the morning's call to prayer. Like the scene with Yasmin, the director immediately outlines what the coming storyline will focus upon, however unlike Yasmin's section of the opening scene, the father is faced with problems that aren't as personal issues, but issues the local Muslim community are facing as a whole. ...read more.


As I outlined when discussing this point before, this is a strong use of realism as it is a real and sensitive approach to real problems and issues faced by Asian communities living in areas of Britain. Through camera angles and framing, using non-digetic and digetic sounds, mise-en-scene entwined within the narrative, 'Yasmin' creates a powerful, accurate and audience sensitive depiction of problems and prejudices faced by British Asians within families, cultures and society, outlined by use of historical context in the form of events from September the Eleventh. I believe that the filmmaker and writers were trying to show how hard it is to find what 'normal' is when you are trying to find a common ground seen as acceptable between two very different cultures built on different traditions and values. Speaking to an universal audience, and in my opinion acting as a voice for Asian people in particular, the Director is trying to emphasise the unfairness of the problems faced by minorities in our society post- September the Eleventh. 'Yasmin' shows that minority communities should be strong and have dignity and pride in all of what they are, but it also provides a message for White British people, and racists, asking them to understand how hard life is for British Asian people. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework - Realism in Yasmin 1 ...read more.

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