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Reardrops abd closed caskets

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'Damn another funeral, an-oth-er funeral' is what Trigga uttered when he put down the phone. It was the old friend Boonie who had passed away. He had just finished talking to his mourning mama on the phone. Boonie just got murdered in cold blood. Trigga had a good relationship with him and there is one thing he said that Trigga will never forget until he himself is 6 feet underground, 'Life is like a dice game, you can throw whatever and it may not always be in your favour the next thing you know your worst enemy could become your neighbour.' His death however was no surprise to Trigga. Many kids lost their childhood from guns, though not many people on the street cry no more because countless children have died for fun. Some people have started to celebrate it to death and whish they could die themselves, so they could get out of the vicious cycle which is life. He spent most weekends at funerals. How could he have a childhood when he had a funeral every weekend? This messed him up. It was as if he was running out of tears. Every night he cried, it was just like a daily routine. He was starting to get as ruthless as he could and his heart beat no fear. ...read more.


Even the cops were scared of the street. Dozens of Delinquencies lived on the street. They were literally hundreds of adolescence penitentiary bound. Trigger came home from the shop. He was 16 but was not aloud out after 6 o' clock. His father never knew the evil he was capable of. His father, although a junkie still showed him love. They were very poor, cereal but no milk to name but one problem. He never wanted Trigga to turn out bad. As soon as he had enough money he would move out but the problem was they never had the money and even though Trigga could get the money if he really tried by selling dope, the truth was he never really wanted to leave, he never told his dad but this was where he felt at home, the kind of person he was to become was a reflection of the street and he loved being scandalous doing misdemeanours to show off with his friends. He had a brother too although he didn't hang around the house much his all night dope dealing got him out of touch although when he was in the house, smoking weed like it isn't no thing was an everyday thing in his household and drinking liquor until his out cold. It was not just him but his dad too. ...read more.


The neighbourhood's buzzing, now people are talking Trigga's getting pictures of the both of them walking hand in hand; he just could not understand how his baby's mama could disappear with another man, his best friend! Trigga comes home at 6 o' clock after clearing up the shop. The day had already started to get pitch black. Although best friends before, Trigga and Lil' Knucklehead are in an all out war over a friend they hardly know. He found them both just leaving the house. Trigga went crazy. He reached out slowly in his pocket took 5 fingers gripped them tightly on his .45 chrome; he had a dead aim to his brain with an infra-red sight. A sure aim and the fact that no lights were on, on the street in which she lived helped him make sure the infra- red was pointing straight to his head. Lil' Knucklehead took his glock slowly trying to make sure Trigga did not notice. Trigga just turned his jet black eyes to him as quick as a cobra which gleamed in the sight of his gun and then smiled a wicked smile. They opened fire 3 bodies dropped, Precious, Lil' Knucklehead and Trigga. A week later they were buried, and as long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the same thing happened over and over again but in a different town and involving different names. [ ...read more.

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