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Referring to two scenes in the play (Act 1, scene 1 and Act 2, scene 5) show how you would direct a production of

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Referring to two scenes in the play (Act 1, scene 1 and Act 2, scene 5) show how you would direct a production of "Educating Rita" to reflect he changes in the characters and their attitudes towards each other. Rita acts very differently in each of the two scenes, in Act 1, scene. She is very un-confident and doesn't know what she is talking about even though she thinks she does. In Act 2, scene 5 Rita is much more confident and can talk about literature in great detail and with knowledge. The play is set in the same room throughout the whole production but the atmosphere changes dramatically throughout. In every scene there is a different atmosphere even though the set and the characters don't change. At the beginning of Act 1 scene 1 Rita is very nervous but she still says what she is thinking. ...read more.


She is leaving her family and friends to come into an unknown world just so that she can become educated. Frank is an alcoholic but doesn't want anyone to find out so he hides his drinks behind books in the bookcases and sometimes forgets where he puts them. When Rita gets her cigarettes out she offers Frank one, he says "I don't smoke - I made a promise not to", but he still takes one. Frank is quite relaxed but sometimes he can get quite strict with Rita. When Frank offers her a drink she starts talking about how whiskey kills your brain cells. Over the scene they get to know each other very well but by the end of the scene Frank doesn't want to teach Rita because he thinks that she doesn't need to change, she is intelligent in her own way. ...read more.


Frank replies, "If you mean am I still this side of reasonable comprehension, then yes". Rita then explains to Frank how brilliant, witty and profound his poems are but Frank disagrees with her. Frank gets mad and starts shouting at Rita and Rita tells him that's he is "Mr self-pitying Piss Artist" and that he can't bear it that Rita is now educated! At this point the audience probably change they're mind about Rita and Frank's personalities or at least how they're attitudes can change so rapidly. Frank says he will call himself Mary Shelley who wrote "Frankenstein" thus suggesting that he has created a monster in Rita. Rita must realise what her education has given her; choice so finally they can let each other go- Rita to her new life as an educated woman and frank to start again in Australia. I think Frank gets so mad because he is having a hard time at home with his wife and Rita is putting pressure on him. Nick Thomas 10A ...read more.

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