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Reflective Essay - Had I been wrong? Was what I was saying unreasonable?

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Reflective Essay Had I been wrong? Was what I was saying unreasonable? Or was it simply because my opinions don't count for anything? Dismissed. Unwanted. Ignored. Rejected. Unheard. The air was heavy and tense, there was a nervous edge to the angry breathless faces. Any silences that had occurred had been deathly, only eyes showing to us the true thoughts locked inside, if looks could kill... Europe. A chance that doesn't come around too often. An opportunity to live in another county, experience a new culture, language and food. But it was to be passed up, probably offered to another family, who, hopefully, would live the life I had wanted. "I've been offered a job in France, " Mum said surprisingly unenthusiastically. "Really! Where? Who with?" I asked excitedly. I moved around, unable to sit still, while my sister, Lorna, and father waited calmly for my mother's answer, seeming strangely unaffected by the news. "It's with Alpha-PIB, and its in Paris," my Mum replied saying it with no emotion; droid-like. The air began to change, I suddenly felt uneasy. I sat back down, looking at the expressions on my family's faces. I had missed something, I knew it. With news like that, how could I possibly be the only one excited? ...read more.


I now understand that that decision would affect their lives drastically too. "It'd be great to go. My Highers are almost over now, and Elaine could start 3rd year in a new place, " Lorna had clamed down and diplomatically started putting reasons to go towards my parents. "Ye-," I had begun. "Hold on, let Lorna finish," Mum interrupted. "But -," I tried again. " LET HER FINISH!" Mum roared. I sat back in my chair feeling defeated, as Lorna continued. "You would love it, being back in the same country you worked in for nine years. You'd be closer to all your friends there and Elaine and I would pick up the language better. It could be a fresh and exciting start for us all," Lorna calmly aired her opinion to the room. "I see the points you are making, but it would be hard for your Dad to get a job. That's one of the big factors of my decision," Mum replied. "But here Dad's job isn't -," I tried to speak, to say what I was thinking. "I hadn't finished!" Mum retorted. I sighed and waited for her to 'finish'. "Another reason is, that it would be harder for Elaine to begin the equivalent of her Standard Grades in another country," Mum said, and drew me a look. ...read more.


But if anything, I understood the most, it was my best friend who had gone through the same thing and I'm the one she turns to for someone to talk to about it, and how much she misses home; I understood exactly what would happen. I had felt like a bull inside all night, I was raging, waiting for a cloth to wave and my charge would begin. Unfortunately that never came until I decided to leave. I understand now that from leaving I burned away my chance of being heard. But that night I couldn't contain how I felt. In hindsight I know I should've stayed clam and I would have been heard, as my sister was. I should have not reacted the way I did. But I refuse to bear the blame for it all on my own shoulders. My views should not have been ripped apart and they should have been listened too fully. From that night I learned not to lose my temper so quickly, but to prepare what I want to say inside my head first, before I begin. My parents aren't always ready to listen and they can be incredibly stubborn. Our relationship is not that close, and we argue a lot, but the fact that we haven't been ripped apart obviously stands for something. Our bonds are stronger underneath. Elaine Weir Reflective Essay page 1 01/05/07 Elaine Weir Reflective Essay page 1 01/05/07 ...read more.

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