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Reggie Power.

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Reggie Power His name was Reggie Power, he was a small boy about 5'4 aged 16 with short brown hair and of slim build. The sweat glistened in the light as it reflected off his forehead. "Stop playing with that stupid ball and come in and get some dinner," bellowed his mum from inside the kitchen. "I will in a minute I've got to practice for tomorrows game," he replied. "But you're not even in the first team," snapped his mother, and with that he dropped the ball and went in. After dinner, he went up stairs. He sat in his room and looked around. He looked at all the pictures of famous footballers on the wall. He whished that he could be good one day, but he knew he never would be, he couldn't even get in the school team, he thought to himself. ...read more.


It was nearly three nearly time to get kitted up. The bell rang then Reggie was the first to get out of the class and first to get down to the changing room "Kick off at three thirty we will get warmed up first, Ahh Power I hope you have got some trackies you'll get cold all match sitting around," said the teacher in a sarcastic uncaring manner. "Wont I have a chance to play then sir?" "Only if someone gets injured" Reggie was not one of the best player so he did not really care. So that was that Reggie just sat on the sidelines it was a slow game not really much action a few good shots but nothing special. ...read more.


He swung his arm in the air and shouted. "In the middle." With a quick look up Grimble belted the cross in it was Reggie first real touch if he messes this up it will prove he is useless, he had to get it right first time. Here it comes! BANG with an enormous dive the ball connected with power off his forehead and flew straight through the keeper's legs. It was an amazing goal as he got up the whole team congratulated him on an excellent goal. As they came off at half time the captain apologised for doubting him. "Great goal Power you have got a lot of potential" said the teacher with happy enthusiasm and a complete change of attitude. 'From that point on Reggie knew things would be different his dreams had just started. ...read more.

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