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Regret Story

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´╗┐The city that never sleeps they say, filled with continous sounds of sirens drowned by the loud voices of thousands of new yorkers yelling: ?Taxi Taxi?. ?Get your hot dogs here! $5 only!? ?Get your evening paper! Senator has an affair with school teacher?. There was a late winter chill in the air as you could see the sun setting just under Brooklyn Bridge. Thousands of New Yorkers flooding to the subway trying to get back home, escaping from the spectacle simply known as ?Life as a New Yorker?, but for one girl this was about to be the most eventful night of her life. ...read more.


People tend to say he is a god in the body of a man but they couldn?t be more wrong, he was a man in the body of a god. For my whole life I had hated men like him. Rich well built, successful and smart. Men who thought they had it all and paid no attention to the people ?below? them. But he was different. Never have I developed such strong feelings for a man in such a short space of time. I looked up only to see his eyes gazing at my direction, he smiled at me as he slowly turned his head back to a man who was requesting his attention. ...read more.


Heck if he popped it now I would gladly say yes immediately. I couldn?t believe it but I was starting to realise I had fallen in love with him. My thoughts were broken when the crowd broke into applause. The new couple were heading to the stage, I couldn?t see has I had been blessed with the gift of shortness but I managed to see the guy had brown hair which meant it wasn?t Mark and Kate. Wow that guy better take a hint from this. The guy turned around and I saw he?s face. No, No, It can?t be. Not him. No. How could he. He. He. I thought we had a connection.. ...read more.

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