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Relating your answer to unlawful homicide, discuss the major weaknesses in the current law.

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The Savoy's Red phosphorus London is actually 620 Square miles and currently has 30,235 police officers employed in the Metropolitan so you would think it would be free of crime of most descriptions but by god its not. Is it because the police don't do their jobs right? No, the criminals just get smarter, day-by-day. London is seen by many as a good place to be, a busy and bustling city full of life and things to do which it is but not if you know about the other side of it, what goes on beneath the streets, behind closed doors, out of site and so secretly no one knows anything has happened. London is a busy and bustling place for all sorts of illegal activity. Firearms, Drugs, Information and whole variety of things get said, done or exchanged which never does anyone any good at all. I am Detective Inspector Mike Harrow and my partner is Detective Inspector John Ardle and we have been assigned to a particularly charming area of crime, Drugs. I will tell you one thing; your life will be on the line every hour you work, people are protective of how they destroy their life, remarkably strange. ...read more.


One very noticeable thing was the smell, no, it wasn't sewage, it was the smell of a chemical, like window cleaner. There signs of life, two cigarette buts where found near where we were standing. As we proceeded through the tunnels, it became more obvious as fresh footsteps were found, which stopped at a solid wall, the wall that lead to the platform of the closed down Aldwych station. After trying to move one the bricks it fell, straight out of its place onto the other side, the wall was loose, probably purposefully. We left the sewers to consult the super, who ordered cameras to be placed at various points in the tunnel and in surrounding tunnels, it would be a waiting game for us to see if anything happened. Our job from that moment onwards was to simply monitor that camera on the remote screen, a very long and boring process. Nothing happened for at three days, only rats moved along the tunnels. It was Friday night at about two in the morning when a man was sighted in the tunnel, heading towards the loose wall, we grabbed out coats and the remote screen and rushed down to the sewer entrance. ...read more.


The stronghold was secure after a mere 20 minutes, the true skill of the Special Air Service. We were allowed to go in. The drug factory had been abandoned so the people in it could come and try to fend off the attack. The building was cleared of drugs and throughout that day, the building was investigated, it turned out Aldwych was a storage place for masses of drugs, which were concealed 100 metres up the track, they were found, 3 tons of Red Phosphorus, smokable speed. The whole event was done and dusted within 3 days; everything destroyed, cleared and closed. The Savoy was shut down for good. Daniel who was caught in the sewers was charged with almost everything and was due to serve a very long prison sentence, not what he had in mind. However Aldwych was indeed re-opened for use, just to be sure. It shows that anything can be a front for anything, John and I were assigned to our usual patrol at night, it was indeed easier, there was less dealers to tackle, less houses appearing but Soho was our next area of focus, who knows what lies inside the back alleys, clubs and pubs. (2001 Words) James Green - 07/05/2007 - 19:56 - English Coursework ...read more.

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