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Relationships between the characters from a central theme in 'A View From The Bridge'. How does Arthur Miller demonstrate this in the play?

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Abulqassim 11KS GCSE Coursework. Post 1914 Drama Relationships between the characters from a central theme in 'A View From The Bridge' How does Arthur Miller demonstrate this in the play? Arthur Miller was a playwrite and he based his play on his experiences. Miller was born on October 17th, 1915 in Manhatan. His father worked in a clothing manufacturing business but it failed after the Wall Street Crash. As a result he worked as a warchouseman. Miller went to Michigan University and there he took a course on playwriting. After graduation he earned his living by writing radio scripts. Durring WW2 he worked in New York Harbour where most of the workers where Italian. His first, professional stage play, 'The Man Who Had All The Luck', was a failure but 1953 he won a Pultizen prize by writting a play called 'The Crucible'. The Statue of Liberty used to be a symbol of America's welcome to millions of people who crosed the Atlantic to get a better life. Between 1820 and 1920 more than 4 million Italians came to America. Most of them came from the south of Italy because where they lived their land was unproductive and the conditions were bad. They migrated because America is the land of opportunities. ...read more.


We see that at the end of the play Eddie wants his respect. He gets his knife out and goes to attack Marco, Who grabs Eddie's arm and turns the blade into Eddie. If I was to direct this play I would make Beatrice place her body over Eddie when he is about to get stabbed. The second relationship I am going to evaluate is the one between Eddie and Catherine. When we first see these two characters in the play, Catherine is relaxed in Eddie's presence. Eddie is worried about the length of Catherine's skirt and the way she walks. Eddie: "Listen, you been givin' me the willies the way you walk down the street, I mean it." The relationship between them is that of a father and a daughter. The tension increases in the relationship when Eddie hears about Catherine's new job. Eddie: ".....plumbers; they'll chew her to pieces if she don't watch out." Eddie is overprotective about Catherine especially when she has a new job. However, then he allows her to take the job. He gives Catherine some advice. Eddie: "....don't trust nobody." He calls Catherine 'Modonna' this is a religious overtoues. He worships her. If I was directing the play I would make that scene a bit intense and make Eddie feel hurt when Catherine has got a new job but Catherine and Beatrice don't see it. ...read more.


Catherine doesn't encourage Eddie purposely. She is not deceptive. Catherine takes Beatrice's advice to move on with her life. Beatrice: "You still walk around in front of him in your slip." Beatrice: "well you can't do it." Beatrice tells Catherine that she is not a baby and she shouldn't walk around in her slip when Eddie is shaving his underwear. She tells her to go on and marry Rodolfo. Beatrice is doing the right, but inside I think she feels jelous of Catherine. Beatrice was happy when Catherine announced her engagement. Beatrice is ready to attend the wedding but Eddie doesn't want to. Catherine: "I'm gonna get married, Eddie. So if you wanna come, the wedding be on Saturday." I would direct this be instructing Beatrice to shout at Catherine, teaching her to get on with her life. I would tell Catherine to actas if she is confused why Beatrice is shouting at her. In conclusion, I think Arthur Miller has done well to show the relationships between the characters. He has used different types of techniques and he has been succesful in doing this. Relationships are a major factor in the play because actions come from the characters and their prejudice attitudes etc. Miller shows conflicts, love and arguments through characters. I think the main point of the story is it shows if relationships don't work, it leads to death and conflict. ...read more.

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