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Relationships between the characters from a central theme in 'A view from the bridge'

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A view from the bridge GCSE Coursework (20th century drama assignment) Relationships between the characters from a central theme in 'A view from the bridge'. How does Arthur Miller demonstrate this in the play? Arthur Miller was born on October 17th 1915 in Manhattan, New York City. His parents were both immigrants to the United States. The family lived in prosperity due to the success of his father's clothing manufacturing business and so there was plenty of money around in his early years. However, in 1929 his father's business collapsed as a severe economic depression hit the United States.This meant people lost a lot of money. The Millers moved to Brooklyn where Arthur Miller continued his education. When Arthur Miller left school, he started working hard and did several jobs to earn money to continue his education. After graduation he joined the theatre and when this collapsed, he once more took up a number of jobs. Miller wrote many radio scripts but was more interested in the live theatre and in 1949 his first Broadway play was performed. Arthur Miller became more successful with his plays. In 1956 Miller divorced his first wife and married the star Marilyn Monroe, although this marriage was also to end in divorce in 1961.He wrote many plays and was very determined to become successful. ...read more.


This evidence suggests that their sexual relationship has stopped. This creates a rift between them and Beatrice is really upset about this. Eddie's obsession over Catherine is something he isn't able to recognise or understand. Instead, he focuses his anger and frustration on Rodolfo and Marco. Eventually Eddie and Beatrice move away from each other. They don't get along with each other and argue. One day, Catherine and Rodolfo are alone in the house together, they talk about their relationship and Rodolfo takes Catherine to his room. When Eddie returns home drunk finding Catherine and Rodolfo together, he's furious. Beatrice understands Eddie's feelings for Catherine and wants him to let go of her before it's too late. She's quite upset about her own failing sexual relationship with Eddie. Meanwhile, Catherine and Rodolfo are making preparations for their wedding. Beatrice tells Eddie he's wrong and Catherine is old enough to make her own decisions. This results in another argument and Eddie yells,' I want my respect''. This shows that Eddie is arrogant and wants to keep his pride and respect. Although Beatrice still continues to disagree with Eddie, she still has a lot of respect for him. They still continue to argue about their relationship. Eddie finally tells Beatrice what's in his mind instead of walking away. ...read more.


She wishes Catherine well and encourages her to get on with her life by getting a job. Beatrice also encourages her to go out with Rodolfo. Beatrice wants Catherine to be happy. Catherine does not encourage Eddie purposely. She is very innocent and does not realise Eddie's sexual feelings for her towards the end. Catherine and Beatrice share a very strong relationship based on trust. Beatrice advises Catherine for her good and Catherine is quite touched with Beatrice's advice. She feels quite comforted and cared for around Beatrice and listens to her. Beatrice is happy for Catherine when she announces her engagement. Beatrice wants to attend the wedding, but is not sure if Eddie will attend. Thus she tries persuading him. In conclusion, most of the play mainly looks at relationships and I have looked at three major examples. Arthur Miller uses relationships to develop the action in the play. For example, Eddie's obsession for Catherine is something he isn't able to understand for himself. Instead, he focuses his anger and frustration upon Rodolfo. Certain things do happen because of the relationships between characters. For example, the murder in the play happens because of Eddie's jealousy over Catherine and Rodolfo. Furthermore, Arthur Miller uses relationships to demonstrate emotions including hatred, lust, jealousy, love and enmity. In this play Arthur Miller has shown that the actions of one person can have a significant effect on others. Therefore, relationships do form a central theme in the play ...read more.

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