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Relationships in "Far from the madding crowd". In this essay I will be characterizing the types of relationships of the three male characters with Bathsheba.

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Far From the Madding Crowd In this essay I will be characterizing the types of relationships of the three male characters; Sergeant Francis (Frank) Troy, Gabriel Oak and William Boldwood had with the protagonist Bathsheba Everdene in the novel "Far From the Madding Crowd". I will begin by explaining their personalities and then go onto describing their relationships with Bathsheba Everdene and how these relationships develop. Gabriel Oak is who can be considered as the novels hero in some ways, is a farmer turned shepherd turned bailiff. He seems to have natural, almost exceptional skills in taking care of a farm, and as we see this comes to his benefit as the story unravels. At the beginning of the novel Gabriel Oak is introduced as a young and successful farmer who was able to move his way up the ladder and acquire his own farm "I have a nice snug little farm" with "200 sheep" (something which would be considered as a prestigious achievement in those days). Gabriel Oak is a very honest and down to Earth man represented as a character with a very solid personality, in the sense that with him what you see is what you get. ...read more.


William Boldwood first makes an appearance in the novel as the proprietor of a very successful farm neighboring the one which Bathsheba inherits. He initially gives the impression of being a very stern, gentelmany, work-orientated man who keeps to himself "'A gentleman-farmer at Upper Weatherbury"., and has the reputation of a man who cannot fall in love, as many woman have tried to woo him, only failing to do so. Bathsheba in her humorous spirit decides to send Mr. Boldwood a Valentines card in jest, asking to marry him, ofcourse Bathsheba is completely oblivious to the unintentional effect the card will have on Mr Boldwood "Bathsheba was far from dreaming that the dark and silent shape upon which she had so carelessly thrown a seed was a hotbed of tropic intensity". The card symbolizes how small actions can change the rest of your life (fate).Bathsheba eventually realizes her mistake in sending the card ,and upon their next encounter apologizes to Mr. Boldwood.Ofcourse it is too late by then and Mr. Boldwood seems to be mesmerized by Bathsheba. Boldwood goes from being a "confirmed bachelor", to falling completely in love with Bathsheba, "I want you-I want you to let me say I love you again and again!" ...read more.


"But why should such a fair and dutiful girl have an aversion to her father's sex".At their next encounter their intimacy increases when Troy manages to arrange a meeting with Bathsheba where he offers to display his swords skills to (of course Bathsheba accepts).Even though Bathsheba is initially reluctant she goes to the meeting and it is here that Troy's suave almost careless her "But you said before beginning that it was blunt and couldn't cut me!" Personality impresses Bathseha and she seems seduced, troy then gives her a kiss and then leaves. As their relationship develops Bathsheba almost feels the same for troy as Boldwood feels for her. A string of events including the ups and downs in Troy's relationship with Fanny Robin (eventual death) leads Bathsheba to marry Troy. It can be said that Troy woos Bathsheba with bad intentions, as he has another lover (Fanny robin), at times it does seem like Troy takes advantage of Bathsheba, but even so Bathsheba doesn't see it in this way and it seems like she loves him until his death. ?? ?? ?? ?? Uday Puri ...read more.

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