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Religion, the Cause of War?

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´╗┐Religion, the Cause of War? Since records began there has been religion on some level, whether is it the belief in a Christian God or whether it goes further back in history to Hinduism or Judaism along with other religious beliefs. During the same time period there have also been a large number of wars and battles between countries and civilisations. But what are the causes of these wars? Many argue that such things as politics, powers and material goods are the causes of these wars, whereas others claim that is religion which is the main reason. Where it can be said that religion has had a large influence on many conflicts in the past, it can also be argued that political issues and power struggles have had just as large an impact. ...read more.


Ignoring ?The Crusades? and more specifically the ?First Crusade?, it is difficult to confidently state that there have been other wars which have undeniable religious causes. However, one which has underlying religious origins is ?World War II?. It is recorded that Hitler said, in the book ?Mein Kampf?, ?hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. While some say Hitler was irrational and mentally disturbed in his thinking, it is undeniable that one of the main reasons for creating the Nazi party was a misguided religious belief and therefore the beginning of World War II can be put down to religion to an extent. ...read more.


One viewpoint is that it is in human nature to always want more and this, more than religion, can cause conflict with others which may lead to war. This is justified by the several wars and conflicts that are fought over land and resources. In conclusion, it may be unfair to blame religion for all the war in the world as it is very likely that war would persist without the influence of religion. However having said that, one can not ignore the influence and impact religion has had on war and warfare. Some wars do have religious causes but consequently it is false to suggest that religion cause war in general as there are other hugely significant cause such as political issues, power struggles and the greed of humanity which are just as likely to cause war as religion ...read more.

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