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Report On Social Networking

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Social networking "Now my child is left without a face!" This implies that social networking has become more of an issue than ever before, as a result to this, sites have become more dangerous towards sites users. This essay will explain the potential successes and potential dangers of social networking. Recently, there has been a serious incident on one of the world most used social networking site, Facebook. As you may know of the case of Katie and the young male she had meet on facebook. She had made a relationship through facebook, as a result to this, when they meet up, the young male threw acid liquid all over her face, from then on it has changed her life. ...read more.


In other words 'Bullying'. Through the popularity of social networking sites such as facebook, MySpace or YouTube, Cyber bullying has become a main issue. It seems to be a part of human nature for some people to have the need to make others feel bad. In the new Cyber Bullying playground, all you need to do in order to hurt someone's feelings is the skill to type wicked words in the safety of your own home. As you may be aware of the incident regarding Keeley Houghton, 18, who wrote in a Facebook post that she would kill Emily Moore, also 18. On her Facebook page, Houghton wrote an offensive threat to Emily and I quote: "Keeley is going to murder the bitch [Moore]. ...read more.


On the other hand social networking sites generate a lot of dangers such as... creating businesses with false information, illegal selling's / scams, it can even hack into an individuals computer systems/software's leading to viruses and infections, likewise we often hear on the news about people's credit card details being used and hacked into, causing to serious debts, which the card owner is not aware off. In Conclusion I believe that you don't need to quit your Twitter or Facebook or any other social networking program, now that you know about the dangers of social media. But I believe that you should think twice before signing up and make sure you understand the terms and conditions, as well as keeping your personal information secure and report any abuse or incidents at the early stage. ...read more.

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