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Report on the environment to the secretary of state.

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Report for the Secretary of State for the Environment on the proceedings of the Public Enquiry into the proposed development of Liverpool John Lennon Airport held at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, on the 23rd to 31st of January 2006 under the chairmanship of his honour D.J. Samuel From: Mr D.J.Samuel To: The Secretary of State for the Environment. Proposal: To expand Liverpool John Lennon Airport by constructing a second runway and a new terminal. The benefits of this new proposal would include an increase in passengers by 50%, from 4.4 million in 2005 to at least 6.6 billion by the time the new runway is complete. Public Enquiry: It was initially thought that there would be 24 people participating in the public enquiry, however one participant was unable to do so due to personal reasons for which I decline to disclose. The public enquiry took place over a period of approximately five days in which each participant was due to speak for at least 5 minutes about his personal opinion on the subject of the expansion proposal. ...read more.


"I'm sorry if this offends anyone who was involved in the capital of culture bid team, but I don't think that Liverpool is in a fit enough state to accept this award!" Mr. Mac proceeded to explain how the expansion would bring more wealth to the area and to the local council who would put the money back into the community. "The graffiti and litter on the streets of Liverpool is appalling and is in desperate need of a serious clean up!" A spokesman from Liverpool football Club agreed with Mr Mac's opinion and expressed his views on how the poor appearance of some parts of Liverpool affects the decisions of potential players joining the club. Mr Jack Sparrow, a local shopkeeper and a member of the Quaker society was livid with those who opposed the expansion bid. This is a brief quote from his lengthy outburst at the Public Enquiry, "I am absolutely disgusted that residents of Liverpool would risk the chance of jeopardising this fantastic opportunity of making the city great again, purely due to their own selfish and petty disagreements!" ...read more.


A local single mother living in Toxteth clearly outlined her view of the expansion as being "an invasion of her privacy and quality of life." Mrs Ballard said that she has a 6 month old baby and she currently has little or no sleep as it is but with the increased number of planes flying over her house at night this would just make her life harder. These concerns were replied with reassurances from aviation ministers and aeroplane engineers that the new planes have 'fuel injection systems' which supposedly ensure that planes are quieter and less polluting to the atmosphere. Liverpool JLA chief executive was quoted in saying, "All houses that are under flight paths will be fitted with sound proof glass for their added convenience free of charge." Conclusion: It can be seen from the evidence that the majority of people who took part in the public enquiry were for the expansion. I think that the advantages the expansion will bring to the city will outweigh the possible disadvantages. My recommendation is that the expansion should go ahead and that it will benefit Liverpool as a society in future years. ...read more.

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