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Response Essay on Gandhiji

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"Why Gandhi was wrong - non -violence doesn't work." The title of the article is the first thing that catches the attention of the reader. In this article, we can see only one side of the story. The article throws light upon many aspects. Even though Gandhi ji is called the father of our nation that is India, the writer still seems to find something wrong with him. Not to mention that he finds fault in everything this great man has done for our country. This article does have some truth to it but has been used to manipulate the truth. Defying a fact that everyone has considered to be true seems to be a brave move on behalf of the author. "If the British hadn't expired but was still around with a large retinue of colonies, instead of having disposed of its colonies many around the same time as India." Kudos to the writer for trying to justify how Gandhi Ji has been given a lot of credit but he is highly mistaken. Gandhi Ji knew the weaknesses of the British at the time and used this to his advantage. Not to mention the lack of research by the writer. He needs to know about the Jalan Wala Baug in which many Indians were brutally killed for no rhyme no reason. ...read more.


If Gandhi Ji was alive, He would have surely found a way to solve this problem. Why is the writer questioning what Gandhi Ji would do. He isn't alive anymore to say, "ok do this." Why are the writer's eyes glistening with the ghost of the past? Gandhi Ji wouldn't have done what President Bush did that led to the 9/11 attack. There were better ways to approach the situation that Bush didn't think of or just chose to avoid. The problem could have been avoided. The whole point of Gandhi telling the Jews to willingly walk into the Gas chambers was because Gandhi thought that perhaps this would hit Hitler and make him realize that what he was doing was wrong. This was Gandhi Ji's approach to things. The Jews were anyways being massacred, so why not try something that might work. The writer claims that, "It is a particularly futile and dangerous strain that values internal nobility over the lives and welfare of others." The writer should be aware that by calling Tolstoy's and Gandhi Ji's principles pointless, he is contradicting himself. If their principles were pointless, how come Gandhi Ji still managed to free India from the British rule? It was a method better than spilling the blood of so many innocent people. Non violence isn't redundant nor dangerously misguided as the writer claims. ...read more.


If Gandhi Ji's policies were so flawed as the writer portrays it to be, the United Nations, being a unjust and fair body, wouldn't have passed a resolution as to honor this man's great achievements. To quote our beloved prime minister Manmohan Singh, "Gandhi himself stated: "Non violence is the rule of conduct for a society, if it is to live consistently with human dignity and make total progress towards the attainment of peace." As observed, non-violence is not a value principle alone but a science based on the reality of mankind, society and polity." To quote Gandhi Ji, "To practise ahimsa, one requires the qualities of deliberate self-suffering intended to awaken and convert the soul of the enemy and a harmless mind, mouth and hand."" This is the point that the writer should agree and follow. You need the qualities and the patience to make your enemy understand your intention and how wrong their doing is. To conclude. non-violence isn't the solution to every single problem, but it is a solution and an option open to everyone. There are always two sides at looking at a thing. A glass can either be half empty or half full, it depends on your interpretation of the situation. For the writer, he seems to look at things and situations in an extremely pessimistic way while others take it in an optimistic way. As long as your justify why you feel so, your thoughts are justified. No one can force you to believe them, it is ultimately what you want to believe in. ...read more.

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