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Response to a prose

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Coursework Assignment 2 Response to a prose In this coursework assignment I am going to study and discuss three stories and say which one I enjoyed reading the most and which one I enjoyed reading the least. In the end I will compare these three stories. The three stories I have chosen form this collection are 'Eveline', 'The Winters and the Palmleys' and 'Pictures'. The story I enjoyed reading the most from this collection is 'Eveline' by James Joyce. This story is about a young woman called Eveline who is about to run away with her lover leaving behind her a life of misery, a violent father and a dull home town. But Eveline is still unsure about if she has made the right decision In consenting to leave home. The reason I enjoyed reading this story in particular is because of its themes. The most essential theme is this story is fear, in my opinion James Joyce has done very well in presenting this theme. "Even now though she was over nineteen she still found herself in danger of her father's violence". ...read more.


Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition". What I like about his quote is its characterisation and language. I think that by using the phrase "her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition" the author has made the character of Eveline become alive, the reader can almost picture Eveline through the description the author has used. I also think that the simile "like a helpless animal" is very effective because it made me feel sorry for Eveline, by using this quote the author the author wants us to see how vulnerable and forlorn Eveline is feeling. Another story I enjoyed reading in this collection is 'The Winters and the Palmleys', by Thomas hardy. This story is narrated by the village 'groceress' who tells A tale of what happened to two families the Winters and the Palmleys. The main reason I enjoyed reading this story is because it deals with a mixture of themes including jealousy, rivalry, misery, vengeance, loneliness, love and disappointment. Rivalry is a very essential theme in this story, it is maintained Throughout the entire story. ...read more.


The story I enjoyed reading the least from this collection is pictures, by Katherine Mansfield. 'Pictures' is a story that lets us see the dreams and everyday life of film actress Miss Amy Moss. The reason I didn't enjoy reading this story is because I feel it didn't have any theme in particular. Another reason I didn't enjoy reading this story is because I feel that it didn't have any theme in particular. Another reason I didn't enjoy reading this story is because, in my opinion, the story line was quite complicated. It was also very dull because, I feel that it didn't have a very satisfactory beginning, middle, or end, therefore it didn't make me want to read on. In this coursework I discussed and analysed three stories from the collection. The three stories I chose from this collection were 'Eveline', by James Joyce 'The Winters and the Palmleys', by Thomas Hardy and 'Pictures', by Katherine Mansfield. The stories 'Eveline' and 'Pictures' both have a main character but on the other hand 'The Winters and the Palmleys' have no main character in particular. Also the stories 'Eveline' and 'The Winters and the Palmleys' have something in common because they both deal with loneliness and misery. ...read more.

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