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Response to live performance.

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Response to live performance. Name: Samantha Young Date of performance: 26th March 2003 Title of play: Heroin Lies Playwright: Wayne Denfhy Theatre company: School Production Venue: School drama studio. Mandy * Mandy was played by Shereen Roushbaiani. * She is a drug addict and encourages Vicki to take drugs. * She is partly responsible for Vicki's death. * We are introduced to Mandy in scene 2 at the disco. She starts off in the same mood and attitude as she has all through the play, sarcastic and horrible. * In scene 3 Mandy gives Vicki the drugs. She is quite pushy, as she would not let Vicki say no. * In Scene 7 Mandy asks for the drugs back off Vicki. She is very desperate as we can tell by how she acts. Vicki accidentally knocks the drugs on the floor and Mandy slaps her. This shows she is very aggressive and only really cares about drugs. After Mandy apologises to Vicki and gives her back the drugs. * In scene 9 Mandy leaves Vicki alone with Jane. * In scene 15 Mandy meets with Vicki after a while of seeing each other. She is still her usual self and one of the first things she asks is 'Have you got any drugs'. ...read more.


* If I were acting the part of Mandy I would not change any of the moves or act it any different to Shereen. Jane Davies * Caroline Bowers played Jane. * She is Vicki's best friend before Vicki starts taking drugs * She is head girl at school * She is sensible and cares about Vicki getting hurt. * She gets upset easily, especially when Vicki is involved. * We are introduced to Jane in scene 2 at the disco. She is just like a normal teenager, talking about boys and dancing. At this point Jane and Vicki are saying that they dislike Mandy, Linda and Michelle. * In scene 3 Jane and Vicki have an argument and Jane walks off. * In scene 6 Jane finds out that Vicki has started smoking and starts to realise that Vicki is spending a lot of time with Mandy. * In scene 8 Linda tells Jane that Vicki is on drugs, Jane doesn't believe her because she trusts Vicki as they are meant to be best friends. Jane has now trusted Vicki more than Linda, Wendy and Michelle. * In scene 9 Jane asks Vicki if she is on drugs, just to make sure. ...read more.


I think Caroline found Jane easy to act, as she was similar to herself. * The pitch of the actors voice was quite high as Jane is happy and cheerful most of the time. When she isn't cheerful the actor changed the pitch of her voice lower. * I think the actor used the volume of her voice very well. At some parts of the play Jane was quiet and unhappy, at these points Caroline spoke quietly. At other points in the play, Jane was angry and then Caroline would shout or speak very loudly. * Jane's posture was quite good and posh as she was bought up in quite a well-mannered family. * The actor used the performance space well and was in a different space for each scene, for example sat on bench, sat around table and lying on bench. * The actor made the atmosphere happy and cheerful. She also made the audience feely sorry for her as they knew Vicki was on drugs but Jane didn't (Dramatic irony). * The overall characterisation was very good. We really believed that Jane was shy, helpful and thought a lot of Vicki know matter what she had done or was doing. * If I were directing or acting the part I would have not acted it any different than Caroline did, apart from I may have tried to speak a bit louder. ...read more.

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