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Response writing: Abortion Issue reflects ironies of modern Living Jayanthi Natarajan, in her article, comments on the social and public pressures which come into effect,

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Response writing: Abortion Issue reflects ironies of modern Living Jayanthi Natarajan, in her article, comments on the social and public pressures which come into effect, when a persons personal issue is being discussed, which hold prime importance to a persons life. It not only provides a case which is being discussed but goes about giving both the sides of the story and expresses the different views and opinions in her articles. She stresses on the importance of respecting humans and their lives, highlights that abortion, which is the issue, brought into focus by Jayanthi Natarajan, must be legally permitted if it is beneficial to society. She ardently thinks that a person's personal difficulty must take priority in this type of a 'public debate'. This article highlights that a subject of such unease for someone, being discussed in public, without understanding the emotions faced by the problem, is just inappropriate and creates unnecessary public interest. However after explicitly stating that Niketa Mehta and her husband filed a petition to the Bombay High Court, seeking abortion of the unborn foetus with possibly congenital abnormalities, Jayanthi Natarajan implicitly states that it is ironical that a personal matter has become an interesting public debate. ...read more.


She is of the opinion that the emotions which engulf the parents thoughts cannot be described, but in her view putting extra pressure on them is just unnecessary. In this article Jayanthi Natarajan forms no opinion other than that the decision must not be made due to public pressure. Jayanthi Natarajan does believe that the debate on such an issue is different in different countries due to cultural, historical, and situational differences. The debate is often influenced by social and political cleavages in society, when society as a whole does not stand together on a certain stand. An issue such as abortion has never been a prime discussion in India, but still holds a lot of significance is society. The Indian Laws prohibit abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy; the argument presented in this case is that the abnormality was known only after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The two discussion points or stands to this topic can be summarised is the two quotes below. The dilemma which concerns Jayanthi Natarajan is the most is that, even though in India this is not a very prominent issue, it is public debate which will finally make the decision. ...read more.


Above all, the emotional and personal dilemma of the persons involved should take precedence in the public debate, and inform the law". Overall, this article is a very well written article as it brings forth the various issues which should be discussed, about abortion and various ideas which can be though about. It is imperative that public debates of such an issue is active but yet calm and reasoned and it is also important to consider the situation very gravely and act urgently upon the situation. Public pressure or any social or moral pressure must not affect this debate and the decision must bear in mind the various aspects which will plague the child (especially in this case). Jayanthi Natarajan uses simple but effective skills to ensure that none of her ideas are enforced upon the reader, but yet at the same time allows the readers to think for themselves and decide the most apt decision in various situations. She effectively communicates that the public such a personal topic will affect the emotional wellbeing of the parents. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nikhil Lalvani English Coursework 974 words ...read more.

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