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Restaurant Review - Authentic Snake soup

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Restaurant Review - Authentic Snake soup Se Wong Yee Causeway bay, Percival Street No. 24, 28310163 Ever since our great grandparent from southern China drank snake soup, Se Wong Yee has been known as the 'King of Snake' by many locals, renowned for serving its authentic signature dish - Snake soup, prepared to its secret recipe which has been passed down for generations. Unlike other Snake soup restaurants, it also serves mouth-watering traditional side dishes such as succulent Siu Mei, a delicious roasted meat dish. In the history of dining in Hong Kong, Se Wong Yee has built up its unrivalled status in the Snake soup industry. Having convinced my skeptical western friends of how luscious and toothsome the cuisine from this restaurant was, they finally agreed to come along for their first 'snake-trip'. As booking means nothing in these Snake soup restaurants, we had to queue up like everyone else. ...read more.


However the traditional snake sculptures reinforced Se Wong Yee's "King of Snake" status. Whilst the maroon marbled chairs added on to the ambiance of this unique dining experience. The imperial atmosphere did not fail to amuse my western friend's interest. The sets came, all presented appealingly. The waiters serve the food flawlessly and quickly, filling the table with a large variety of the food, giving us a fulfilling sense of satisfaction. I added chrysanthemum leaves and saut´┐Żed crackers to their soups, ensuring the best flavor for my western friend's first sip. These mouthwatering soups prepared to divine standards, did not fail to disappoint anyone. Before long, everyone's bowls were empty! Then followed the succulent Siu Mei. We decided to share the various types of roasted meat amongst us, which is part of the super value experience! All of the delicately cut Siu Mie is honeyed and dulcet in BBQ sauce, which brings out the au jus - the meat's natural juices making it extravagantly flavorsome. ...read more.


We all fancy the Mango combo. Just the presentation of it gets us satisfy. My friends told me how they liked the melted la mangue mango fondue, and the puree coconut slices, served with vanilla and la noix de coco coconut ice-cream with colorful fruits all around the platter. This is a massage for our taste buds. The other dishes are great too; the Bird nest is succulent with flavorsome sago again served in jus de la mangue, the mix fruits are fantastic too. The aloe jelly in Honey dew juice I order was a bit disappointing due to the ungenerous amount of aloe jelly added to the honey dew juice. Tonight, we can congratulate ourselves on a fabulous dining experience tonight! Se Wong Yee is opened daily Mon - Sun from 11:30 - 00:00. Only cash is accepted. Reservations are not available. Hui Lau Shan is opened daily Mon- Sun from 11:30 - 00:00. Cash as well as octopus cards are accepted. Reservations are not available. ...read more.

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