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Retrospective Narrative. They would do anything to get their fetid hands on money. Thats why I had to run away. What choice did I have?

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´╗┐It?s been a long time since me and Joe have gotten to the pawnbroker business. The epic journey we had to get to this point. I can remember it like it was yesterday. 52 years ago, I used to live on the revolting streets of the City. The stench of the river Foedus made it an uncomfortable place to live. Many tragic murders have occurred and unfortunate beings had been thrown away to the river thus the river received the foul odour. My parents weren?t the most trustworthy parents you can have. I despised them. I hated them! They wanted to sell my own teeth to get a couple of shillings. ...read more.


I strolled around the street begging for a bite to eat. Instead, all I would receive are egotistical replies. I was nearing an Inn when I happened to notice Jeremiah Ratchet?s cart. This was my perfect way out. Jeremiah Ratchet is an obese fiend who adores gambling and playing card games. He lives in the near village of Pagus Parvus and happens to be the town?s landlord. I have heard that the folk around those parts are more co-operative than the beings who roam the street here. I snuck into the back of his cart where all his baggage was placed. After a couple of minutes, Jeremiah Ratchet stepped out of the Inn looking disappointed. I am guessing he lost most of his money. ...read more.


Snow was covering me from head to foot. With all my strength I carried in walking. I swore to myself that I would reach Pagus Parvus. As I was walking, another cart was approaching from behind me. I collapsed on the road so I knew who ever on the cart would stop. A strange figure came out of the cart and carried me to the cart. I felt warm as I entered the cart. Due to the warmth of the cart I fell asleep. The figure in the cart woke me up. ?What?s your name dear boy,? he asked. ?Jason, Jason Perera,? I answered. ?Hello, Jason. My name is Joe Zabbidodo,? I will never forget that day. ________________ Done By Jason Perera L.D.S ...read more.

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