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reveiw on all three ghost stories

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Introduction In this essay I will be writing about 19th century ghost stories and what makes them really affective. Ghost stories were really popular in Victorians times and had great fasciations of the supernatural. In this easy I will be reviewing and analyzing three ghost stories and they are 'The Signal Man' by Charles Dickens, 'The Red Room' by H.G. Wells and 'The Monkey's paw' by W.W Jacobs also I am going to analyze how language character and structure makes a really effective atmosphere. The Red Room Written in the first person neither by an unnamed man who is determined nor to be frightened by spending a night in the red room. However he is eventually terrified by the experience because if he feels like there someone in the room as the candles keeps blowing out. By the end he has changed his mind, believes that the room is haunted and is ready to listen to the old people whom previously he had mocked. The Red Room fulfils virtually all the classic ghost story conventions:- a castle in the middle of no where, a haunted room, a mantle and candles, old crippled servants and an almost clich�d central character who is determined not to believe in ghosts. ...read more.


The Monkey's Paw The Whites are given the monkey's paw and they have three wishes on it, the first of which is for money. Mr. and Mrs. White's son, Herbert dies in the factory were he works and they receive two-hundred pound, compensation. Herbert's body wasn't recognizable, as he had got caught up in machinery. Mrs. White whose second wish had been for him to return to life, but Mr. White doesn't want him back because his appearance would be gruesome, her husband's third wish is to stop the second wish. Mrs. White would have liked Herbert back however hideous his injuries made him look. This isn't much of a ghost story; it doesn't use the conventions but it is a haunting tale because it studies the grief of two people when they lose their son and the different ways they react to his death. The events could happen without the wishes and the monkey's paw but it makes it smarter because of how their first wish backfires on them. We're put in their shoes when Herbert deformed totally is supposed to be knocking at the door. W.W.Jacobs uses this story to explore Victorian stereo types. Mr. White who started to cry in front of his family this showed weakness to other people because Victorian fathers tell there sons to be strong, brave, courage's and they were the head of the household and this meant that they needed to be dominant and honourable. ...read more.


This quotation from the story describes the setting and the atmosphere which creates a ghostly image in the readers mind. Its telling us that the tunnel with a gloomy red light makes it look forbidden and scary also when it says 'Depressing and forbidding air.' This tells us that it's depressing and dark in the tunnel and forbidding air sounds like a bad smell in the air. You could say the signalman frightens himself to death just as the man (narrator) in the red room becomes terrified. (Shared correlation of increasing fear from their own minds more then from external events) Conclusion The Signal-Man is effective because it has a strong story line, based on real event. The description of the figure and it repeated appearance; the trains described as "monsters" captures your imagination and make you see what's happening clearly. It's easy to relate to the signal man and his experience and understand why what happens to him does happen. In the Signal-Man we can relate to trains and fear of the where as in The Red Room it's different to relate to the red room and the Lorraine castle because its hard to think of a castle and see one because they are hardly any around but train stations are around in every town and city therefore its more easier to relate to The Signal Man than The Red Room. ?? ?? ?? ?? Waleed Nawaz ...read more.

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