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Revenge - His years of careful planning had eventually arrived and there was no room for mistake. Bolokov picked up his phone and called the meeting for 1200 hours.

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Revenge Creative Writing Bolokov drew back the heavy velvet curtains of his sumptuous Moscow apartment and gazed out at the newly fallen snow. The world appeared so calm and untouched. He felt excitement stir in his belly. His years of careful planning had eventually arrived and there was no room for mistake. Bolokov picked up his phone and called the meeting for 1200 hours. Bolokov was a small stumpy man no more than 5ft 6, he had deep piercing blue eyes and brown wavy hair. He always wore a long black duffel coat and a fur hat. His mistress Nadia often accompanied him. A stunningly beautiful woman, she was tall with long, blonde, glistening hair. She was a wiz on the computer and belonged to the worldwide hacking organisation "Neeb." Neeb were responsible for crashing the worlds leading search engine Yahoo. She was vital to Bolokov's plan. Bolokov was the ex Leader of the Russian Army. He had risen through the ranks quickly, but no one knew the true story of his early life. ...read more.


He was an extremist, but cautious, he never liked to rush into things. "What are you talking 'bout Boris" thundered General Vladimir. "Of course it will work. I've never heard anything more stupid in all my life!" " But do you honestly think that us, nobody's - can pull of such a ridiculous thing?" Bolokov paused in the doorway listening to his henchman discussing his plan, his dream. Slowly, menacingly he flung open the door... Silence deafened the room. "Boris" he whispered in a husky voice. "Yes Bolollololololokov, what can I do for you, Sir!" Boris' heart beat quickened, he knew he had spoken out of turn. Bolokov spoke slowly "Are you doubting my plan?". "No sir its just...." "SILENCE" Bolokov thundered, "Get in the corner!" Sharp intakes of breath rippled round the room as Boris moved towards the corner. Fear overwhelmed his whole body yet he dared not do what he had been ordered. ...read more.


He turned to General Vladimir and put his hands on the shoulders of his right hand man, "Vladimir I want you to lead the operation." " Yes Sir" Vladimir gratefully accepted. "If all goes well the countries of the world will crush the once great Nation America. Then they we will see what happens when you play games with Chuck.. Bolokov." The plan was set, but everything depended on the young Moscow-born Nadia. As she drove home along the icy streets, Nadia's hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel. Her stomach churned with anticipation. This was her first real assignment. She had crashed Yahoo, but that was as a part of Neeb - a large group. Would she be able to withstand the pressure of short-tempered Bolokov's eyes piercing down, watching her every move, there to punish her if she slipped up? She opened the door of her apartment, poured herself a vodka and slipped under the heavy quilt of her four-poster bed. She knew if she did make a mistake the next day, this could very well be the last night she would spend here. ...read more.

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