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Revenge. I walked across the long and winding road, with grease in my hair, a spotty face with big round glasses and goofy teeth.

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I walked across the long and winding road, with grease in my hair, a spotty face with big round glasses and goofy teeth. The road was dark and gloomy, with not a light to be seen, as usual the street lights had been broken and they weren't fixed. At that moment, I wished that the ground would open up and swallow me in. the words of my parents from the night before were echoing in my mind. "You have to become homecoming queen, Emily, it's our dream." said her mother. "We also have your mother's crown all polished and waiting for you to wear." echoed her dad's voice. I kept walking along the bend into some light, the moon came out, but it was still quite dark. Then, I stopped breathing; there was something or someone on my face. I tried to pull it off. I scratched. I pinched. I even tried to bite this 'thing'. It pulled me into the bushes and let go of me. I turned around, but nothing was so clear, as it was so dark in the bushes. ...read more.


"Not like this, you go and sleep and when you get up tomorrow, you will be changed." she assured me. I walked away, turned back, and she was gone. I was so freaked out by that, that I ran all the way home as fast as my legs could carry me. I got home and realised what the time was, I went to bed as everyone was already in bed. Next morning, I got up, shut my eyes and walked to the mirror. I slowly opened my eyes. I couldn't believe it! There in front of me was a reflection of ME! I couldn't believe it. I believed it wasn't a dream now. I was really like the goddess from the night before. I put on my best clothes and went to school. "Emily, honey, are you going to have breakfast?" asked my mother, Mary. "No, mum. I'm not really hungry and anyway, there's nominations at break so I have to make an impact." ...read more.


I woke up, and looked at my clock. It was 10 o'clock. I was late for school. I got dressed as quickly as possible and rushed out for school. As I entered school everyone cheered for me and congratulated me. I was quite surprised and very puzzled with what was going on. " Why is everyone congratulating me?" I asked a small girl in the corner. "Because your homecoming queen, silly!" exclaimed the girl. "WHAT!" I screamed gob smacked, I had completely forgotten about the finals, "I AM HOMECOMING QUEEN? WOOHOO!" Later in the day, I got crowned queen. I went home, where I was crowned in my own traditional crowning with mom's crown. I was so happy. It was the best day of my life. my transformation had changed my life forever. Then, it dawned on me that I had to be my old self again in a week's time. I didn't want to be my old self again. Was I going to go. I did not know. Maybe I could pretend to forget. Yes that's what I was going to do. ...read more.

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