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"Revenge is sweet!"

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"Revenge is sweet!" On October the 13th she took her last breath, on November the 6th we buried her. On November the 21st I heard her call on me for the first time, and on December the 13:th it was my turn to take my last breath. Around one and a half-month ago, my little sister was killed. She was only ten years old. The police are still searching for the murderer, but they believe that it was a robber, because her mobile phone and her money had been taken away when they found her. Everybody tries to make me forget what has happened, but I can't. It was a Sunday morning when I heard her for the first time. "I miss you so much, why can't you be with me?" Is it you Minnie; is it my dear sister? "I feel so alone in here, come and be with me." The voice was faint and husky. "Minnie, can you hear me? Are you all right?" "I can hear you, I'm not alright, it is a terrible stench in this little coffin, and I feel so alone. Come to me, come to me..." "Who did you talk to?" "Mum, it was Minnie, she told me..." "Minnie? Stop kidding with me." "I promise, it was Minnie, and she told me that she felt alone." "Honey, I know you think that this is hard, it is hard for all of us, but she is dead, you did not hear her. I dream about her too, and the dreams seem to be real, but then suddenly I wake up, and realize that it's just a dream.'' ...read more.


I can destroy your life, 'cause I'm manipulating it. I can promise that you'll dig me up sooner or later." Her voice was ecstatic, and it scared me. I started to walk away, but she didn't want to stop talking with me. She screamed: "I'm manipulating your life, I manipulating your life, so you better dig me up soon." Her voice tormented me all day, and when I at last fell asleep I had nightmares. I dreamed that the old man at the burial-ground haunted me, and that Minnie laughed at me when I stumbled. And when I had stumbled, I couldn't stand up again. Everything turned into different red coulors, and Minnie's laugh became higher and higher. When I finally woke up, I felt like I hadn't slept at all. I went to school, and tried to not look at the roof with Minnie's message. I went in to my classroom. The first lesson was math. I hate math, so when my teacher told me to go to the front of the classroom, I felt afraid. Would she give me a hard question? "Okay everybody, quiet please. We all know that somebody painted a sentence on the roof. We don't know what the culprit wants to tell us, we didn't even know who was the culprit. But now I know. I know it, 'cause the culprit by herself called to me yesterday and admit that she painted it. She said that she wanted to tell the class why she did it. So, can you tell us why?" She looked at me. I didn't understand anything. "Angelica, can you tell us?" "But it wasn't me." ...read more.


"Well, you didn't dig me up, and I've made my choice. I'm sorry that I have to do this." "Do what?" "Go home and se for yourself." Her voice sounded honestly sad. I ran home and the first thing I smelled was a terrible stench. Then I smelled blood. I heard how daddy screamed and I ran in to the house. Inside I found dad paralyzed. And I found mum. On the floor. And I found Charlie's head. In the place where mum's head should be. "Dad what has happened?" "I don't know. I was in the kitchen, and I heard her scream. I went in to the living-room, and I found her." "Oh dad. It's all my fault. I have to do a thing. Dad, I love you. I went down to the cellar and brought a spade and ran to Minnie's grave. I have never been that angry before. "Are you satisfied now Minnie?" "You haven't dug me up yet." Her voice was very weak. I dug as fast as I could. After a few seconds I saw the coffin. I opened it. "Lay down." I did as she told me to. Nothing to lose anymore. Exactly when I lay down, the coffin's lid smashed down. I heard scratch from a spade, and I couldn't open the lid. I screamed for my life, but noon heard. I guess that I screamed for hours. At last I had no voice left. I started to investigate the coffin, and I found the head of my mother, and Charlie's paws. The last time I watched my clock it showed: Friday the 13th 13:00. The last time I heard Minnie she said: "Revenge is sweet." ...read more.

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