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Revenge is sweet. - She'd kill for a date.

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Course work by Sahra. Ahmed 7/6/2001 Revenge is sweet. - She'd kill for a date. The small boutique known as Quartet in the heart of downtown Cardiff, Wales, was a frenzy of activity. Although the shop had four owners (thus the name), only one of them ran the shop. Natasha Curry was a tall, attractive woman with intelligent grey eyes behind horn-rimmed eyeglasses, her black hair restrained in a neat chignon at the nape of her neck. Dressed in a stunning pink suit, she calmly wove her way in and out of the throng of young women who were excitedly exclaiming over and trying on the prom gowns in the shop, most of which Natasha had designed and made herself. She gave advice, found selections for girls overtaken by confusion, and measured for alterations when they were needed. Her two helpers, her daughter Marina and Marina's best friend, Eleanor Owen, were not so calm. Neither had anticipated such a hectic Saturday afternoon. They had expected the girls to come in one or two at a time, rather than in this unrestrained herd. Then, too, they discover what a knife in the heart it was to help other girl's search for the perfect dress to wear in the 6th form prom. It wasn't as if both girls were unattractive. ...read more.


Marina, in the process of removing a pale pink dress from the rack, hissed over her shoulder, " Stephanie, let me just go check in back and see if there is a broom and a tall pointed black hat to go with that dress." Stephanie's friend, Laura Bennet, who always said hi to Marina at school, laughed. And tall, blond Jenny, another Pops, scolded mildly, "Stephanie, don't be such a pain. Mind your manners." Eleanor went into the back room. When she returned to the sales floor, her sharp, angled face was grim, her attempt at a chignon gone. Her chestnut hair hung loosely, limply, around her shoulders in her customary style. Marina burned with anger maybe it wasn't a perfect little bun, and maybe Eleanor was too young for a sophisticated hairstyle. But she tried. It was mean of Stephanie to make fun of Eleanor for trying. One more example (and there was so many) of the Perfectly Pretty People stepping on the Imperfect. Mean. Really mean. The 6th form picnic was held the following Wednesday, a grey chilly day, threatening rain. Classes were suspended for those who had made it to the end of school without collecting more F's than B's. They drove up to the beautiful stretch of parkland called Peninsula Point. ...read more.


"What! Michael and me haven't broken up and just to remind since you obviously forgot that he is taking me." "I suggest you break up with him or else." "Or else what!" "I just might have to push you over the railings." "Aaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhh! Help me please I'm falling please help you're meant to be my best friend." Oh my god what should I do I can't let anyone find out that I tried to kill Stephanie even though she did fall on her own I probably should run back to the class and pretend I don't know what happened if they cry I'll cry if they don't then I won't its as simple as that. You know once I pushed Stephanie over the railings it wasn't that hard I fell so strong and I got such a headache because I keep hearing her screaming. That bitch suits her right she wouldn't let me have Michael. Any way this is perfect even though I killed her it would like she fell of the lighthouse and into the creek because of a loose board and the lighthouse has always been a death trap. Oh everything is going so smoothly it looks like I might have Michael for the prom afterwards. I just might get nominated for all the categories like class beauty and queen. All I have to do is getting rid of the rest of the competition like Marina, Laura and Louise. To be continued. ...read more.

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