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Revenge My train stopped, I stood up exited my carriage and briskly paced across the inside of Southend Victoria Station. The sky was almost dark: the time being about 7 o'clock. It was raining heavily

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Revenge My train stopped, I stood up exited my carriage and briskly paced across the inside of Southend Victoria Station. The sky was almost dark: the time being about 7 o'clock. It was raining heavily, but that didn't matter; I was so close to Banks now I could almost hear him breathing. I delved into my pocket, my hand clasping and unclasping around the pistol concealed in my pocket. In a matter of minutes this would become the most important thing in the world to me. I took the stairs over the busy road below, descending into High street via a ramp. I knew where Banks lived, on the sea front. This man had been the bane of my life for 12 years. After he put me inside I swore I'd get my revenge, but now I knew how. I traversed the length of the high street, taking in my surroundings. This had been my favourite haunt when I was a teenager, now it was dilapidated, the fa´┐Żades of the shops were all crumbling away, there were stinking, drunk, unshaven homeless people in every doorway. ...read more.


Shooting him now would have been too easy. Sure, he would have been dead, but he wouldn't have suffered. He would have been dead instantly. I wanted to see him suffer; I wanted him to know why he was going to die. The window shut, Banks had retreated inside moments before. My initial chance had gone, but I knew another was soon to come. I sneaked up to the side gate, more careful now, my initial cockiness brought down to earth by my recent close encounter, climbed up and over it, ripping my trousers, and cutting my arm on the top which had jagged glass embedded into it. I was in his garden. I was close now, but I could feel the warm blood in my arm escaping its natural passage, trickling down my left arm. I tried to hold the gun with my left hand, but it slipped and fell. "Bugger!" I whispered, aware that the sound of metal colliding with a concrete patio may have already alerted the Banks' to my presence. I peered through the large, transparent patio doors. I sharply drew in breath. ...read more.


I attached the silencer to my gun and shot them both, they were dead instantly. I lifted Banks up along with the chair. He was crying helplessly, saying he was sorry, trying to stop me, it wouldn't work. The last twelve years of my life had been devoted to this moment; a few words weren't going to stop me now. I walked over to the opposite end of the room kicking the prone bodies of the children out of my way in the process I took aim, everything was happening in slow motion now. "No," Banks screamed, "You don't have to do this". I shot. I thought I could see the bullet whistle through the air, I certainly heard fizz and then splat as it embedded itself in Banks' head, his brains splatting against the wall. I had done it I'd killed the bastard who put me away! I was on such a high that I danced around the room. I came back to my senses, and left through his front door, glanced at my watch; 10:23, the last bus wouldn't have gone, I sprinted across the road to where I could see a bus. I jumped on, "Single to Hockley please, mate". ?? ?? ?? ?? English Coursework 10/05/2007 Rob West 10W Page 1 of 3 Miss Kitson ...read more.

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