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Revenge. Through the darkness and thickness of the forest she somehow managed to make her way to the very middle and finally found her spot where she would lay the body to rest.

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REVENGE Shivani Patel Running down the slippery paths, grazing her knees and face, fighting against the rain and for breath every now and then, of course she knew carrying a dead body was not the easiest job she could ever have and quite frankly a very risky job at that. Through the darkness and thickness of the forest she somehow managed to make her way to the very middle and finally found her spot where she would lay the body to rest. Her red hair was glued all over her face, her dark green eyes full of satisfaction, clothes drenched with rain and blood, she was only a day over twenty-four or twenty-five not more, her youth could be seen through her facial expressions and the tall, slender body structure she had, taking one glance around her, convinced that nobody was around for miles, she picked up the shovel she bought along and started to dig away. Rain made it harder to dig as the mud got heavier but she dug deep enough to cover up the body and its odour. After digging up what seemed to be more than six feet she stopped and climbed back out, sat near the body for quite a while even though the stench of the body was over whelming, and then looked at it one last time quite happy at what she accomplished and then finally rolled the body over to its grave and let go. ...read more.


Kelly was the very opposite of Donna, she had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and was a little on the plump side, she was very serious about her job and patients and wore the worst colour combinations ever. After a cup of tea and awkward silence for more than ten minutes Kelly finally started, "Donna dear, you will have to tell them eventually. You could be in jail forever or more likely his family could have you go through a lot of other court orders that you may not want to face." Kelly took a break for a second and then started again but this time her tone was stern, "Why did you do this Donna?" "Kelly, my husband and daughter are dead because of him, he had no right to live!" "But no Donna...it was a car accident!" Donna sighed heavily with some excitement in her eyes and laughed in a mocking tone, "An accident? Anyways, I've taken care of him in my way." Looking upon Donna's reaction and the satisfaction in her eyes Kelly believed if she didn't get Donna out of this town soon enough, the next person on Donna's list would be his wife, who was with him on the day of the incident. Taking Donna by her arm, Kelly looked into her eyes with hard expressions and told her to pack up immediately. "It will only be a matter of time before his family would file a missing report to the police department, and then you won't have any way out. ...read more.


We knew you would be coming this way." "She even gave you her own car because she had a tracker device installed, so even if you were to leave town or city we would still find you eventually where ever you would go till we could get you." Donna became furious and started throwing things that were in her reach, "Just surrender and you won't have to face any extra charges." "No! No! NO! I will not give in so easily!" and with that Donna shot Cherie near her right shoulder and then ran towards the staircases and made her way to the roof. As she got up she stood there looked down at all the policemen and a bleeding Cherie being attended by the paramedics and some other neighbouring folks and she said, "Isn't the world a funny place we humans live in? You have the people who are normal and then you have people like ME?" Donna started crying now and her sentences started to distort. "B-b-but I h-had to do it, its revenge, it's your entire fault!" Donna pointed out to Cherie accusingly. The head police officer spoke out: "We understand Donna, but come down so we can fix this rationally. I have sent my officers to retrieve you." And the moment the head officer said that, Donna pulled back the safety clip and shot herself in the head. Donna fell to the ground with a thud and immediately the paramedics gathered around, picked her off the ground and checked for any pulse at all but Donna was dead. ...read more.

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