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Review for Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

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Looking at advertisements for Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and given Jim Carrey's role in the film I assumed that it would show a goofy, generic Carrey film, typical of many that he has starred in before, offering nothing original, lacking in substance and leaving the audience feeling generally unfulfilled. Well, it certainly isn't. Not only does this film burst with a vibrant, warm and constantly inventive flavour but it fuses two very interesting genres, a hybrid or romance and science fiction. The film, essentially, is based around Tennyson's idea that, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". It is the story of a couple. ...read more.


This piece of film offers another view on the romantic ideal, that love conquers all, it shows a realistic portrayal of love and a relationship, that it is both beautiful, and -at times- rough. This film's style and originality really surpasses not only it's competitors but also Charlie Kaufman (The screenwriter's) previous works. The visionary director, Michel Gondry uses an array of stylistic techniques, without ever letting style over come substance, he also achieves this feat whilst managing to avoid emotionally alienating the audience on his time splicing, dimension shifting adventure. What is more, Michel Gondry makes his characters seem like tangible creations, they are real people who we can easily connect with, the ideas brought up in his film are truly infused with originality. ...read more.


This emphasises on the realism of relationship, the sacrifice and pain that has to be suffered in order to earn the enjoyment of the bliss of love. At one point in the film the lovers hear what the negative comments were about each other from before the memory operation, the question is posed, is it all worth it? To conclude I would say that this film is outstanding, sure to grab the hearts and minds of any viewer, regardless of genre-preference and is especially worth viewing to witness Jim Carey's performance and Michel Gondry's inventive, original talent on display. This is truly a legendary piece of cinematography, an unmissable epic, brilliantly depicted. ...read more.

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