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Review Of Men In Black

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What Techniques Does The Director Use To Engage The Viewer In The Opening Of MEN IN BLACK? In 1997, Barry Sonnenfeld directed a Sci-Fi, Action film called MEN IN BLACK. We can tell it is a Sci-Fi film because there are lots of gadgets, aliens and references to other planets. We can tell it is an Action film because there is lots of action and running. People like watching this sort of film because it makes you sit at the edge of your seat and wonder what will happen next, but at the same time it is very funny and not at all creepy. It is popular because it has just the right amount of everything in it and very good actors play very good parts! The scene is set at night-time in a dark desert with a road running through it. It looks very cold and empty. I would feel alone, scared and lost if I was there. The lighting is very affective, as it is a dark blue it makes the desert look even more deserted and cold and scary. ...read more.


The other is when Agent K tells one of the 'immigrants' that he is ugly but he obviously doesn't speak Spanish because he just smiles and nods! In the extreme close up you can see he is ugly and it makes the audience cringe and laugh. A different shot that I thought was effective was the track shot. It was of all the immigrants lining up outside the van with Agent K talking to them and it makes them look almost as if they are standing in a bus station queue or a fire squad ready for service. It shows that Agent K is in charge and lets the audience know he is a good guy and cares for the other immigrants, also that he is the boss. It looks like a Commander giving orders to his fellow soldiers ready for battle. Different characters are displayed in different ways, or instance, the police officers are shown as big powerful people in charge, so that is what we assume they are. They achieve this look by using the low angle shot making us look up to them. ...read more.


want to watch the rest of it because you want to know who the people are, why the van has been stopped, and what will happen next. I think it is important that special effects are shown at this stage because it shows off what they can do and draws the viewers in. Also, if there are special effects at the beginning, then there must be some in the film as well. I think the opening is meant to attract the viewer's attention and draw them in. By the end of the opening I feel really craved to watch the rest of the film. I felt really involved in the film and it took a lot to not watch the rest. I really do want to watch it though because it has so many interesting, funny and freaky things going on in it. I think the opening is really effective because it is just like cake, it just the right amount of all the ingredients to make it irresistible! It has lots of C.A.D (computer aided design) in it and lots of surprises and edge of seats moments. It is the perfect starter to get you ready for the main meal! ...read more.

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