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Review of Romeo And Juliet Opening Sequence

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Review of Romeo And Juliet Opening Sequence As I prepared to watch the Romeo and Juliet anniversary edition (released tomorrow), I found myself overcome with expectations. Within five minutes, the film lived up to those expectations and then some. Baz Luhrmann's cinematic creation took a classic story and transformed it into a classic film. We knew Baz was good and he exemplifies this with one of the best opening sequences I've seen in years. The prologue is filled with a lot more than dramatic music and powerful freeze frames; but stuffed to the brim with cinematic intentions. Luhrmann wants to set the film in the modern day to make the story relevant to a modern audience. ...read more.


Excitedly, flashes of the rough, urban landscape authenticate the world of Verona. "IN FAIR VERONA" bursts onto the screen repeatedly, forcing us to swallow the drama of this film. A wall of choral music slams the ear, elevating excitement to an almost intolerable degree. We see the divide in the city, displayed with the Capulet and Montague skyscrapers, situated at either side of Main Street, and the Statue of Christ uniting the two in the centre. Then a still caption of "IN FAIR VERONA" provides a sense of passion and once again accustoms us the style of Renaissance English decorative. The focus now shifts to "library" footage of life around the city, establishing a sense of history behind the current chaos. ...read more.


Now for Luhrmann's final intention as we are introduced to characters through action shots freezing and captioned with names to establish their presence in Verona Beach and their importance in the film. Rapid fire shots show us the printed lines of the prologue once again to really help us get to grips with the language. This is followed by a montage of key moments from the film and then a still of "William Shakespeare's Romeo +Juliet" announced that we had really arrived. I paused and thought to myself, if the first two minutes were this good, how supreme would the rest be? This is a must see film, so grab your popcorn and your bag of tissues and buy this DVD now. ...read more.

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