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Review of Spider-man 2

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G.C.S.E Media Coursework A review of "Spider-man 2" for a tabloid "Spider-man 2" strikes back in the sequel of a lifetime! If you loved the first sequel then you'll adore this original action film. This sci-fi fantasy film takes you for another ride! Follow Tobey Maguire as he starrs as the magnificent webbed wonder. The film follows on from "Spider-man" where it left off; and is the next instalment in the adventures of the fearless fighter. The fantastic film was made in 2004 and is directed by the superb Sam Raimi, still reeling from the surprise of his first film success, though he doesn't fail us. A fantastic soundtrack made by Bob Harris makes this an exciting thriller for all. Tobey Maguire returns as he has had 5 months of training to prepare him for his fabulous role as Peter Parker, struggling to maintain the sanity of two persons. ...read more.


Mary Jane gives him a last shot at love when she invites him to see her latest work. As always he arrives exceedingly late to Mary's magnificent play, he disappoints her again. Peter's personal problems affect his life as he starts to lose his powers; his private life seems to be intermingling with his public life, as he is persistently late. Following on for the first time ever he is on time too discover the remarkable reactor experiment that Dr Ocvtavius is performing, but there is a fault in his plans; as a result there is mayhem, extremely dangerous electricity wires are flown around. Fortunately the webbed wonder arrives but an extraordinary tragedy has already taken place; the beautiful wife of Dr Octavius has left him forever. What will happen next? The tentacled terror is released from Dr Otto; he continues to terrify the people of New York City as he prepares to build a second reactor. ...read more.


Although Superman may be able to fly Spider-man's webs are a lot more supernatural. Watch the webbed wonder as he flys through the city swinging across the amazing landscapes. This makes it a thriller for all. The actors starring in Spider-man are a lot more experienced in their professionals, making it enjoyable for anyone. Tobey Maguire co-produced "Rock of all ages" which makes him more talented and we see a more human side to him as Spider-man. "Spider-man" is faster pacing and is more gripping than ever. Everyone will love this fantastic movie its hydrid genre means it is for anyone. It has the love tangled between Mary Jane and Parker as they face a challenged life. Will they ever be together? Also the original action packed film follows the spectacular Spider-man as he saves the people of New York City from the powerful tentacled terror. You'll love it! "Spider-man 2" is an unrivalled masterpiece. You'll be feeling the force within the first five minutes! It's a wonderful film! Watch it and find out the real story unravelled! ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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