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Review of The Monkeys Paw

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T J Rice English Nov 02 Review of THE MONKEYS PAW This story is set in a rural, out of the way area, with a family of three, elderly parents and a Son. The father and Son are chess players, with a good relationship. The father is a sneaky old character, as he tries to cheat at Chess. The Mother is a quiet lady, who knits as the pipe smoking me plays chess. She is typical of ladies of that era, and only works as a housekeeper, and knits for a hobby. She does what her husband tells her, and humours him when the son beats him at Chess. The Mum and son know the Dad cheats, and it's their private joke. ...read more.


The soldier threw the charm into the fire, but the old man got it back, it was a monkeys paw, a shrivelled old hairy thing. The soldier left, and the father eventually made one wish, He wasn't sure what he should wish for, but finally agreed that he should wish for �200. The Mum and Son made fun of him, as they felt it was all stupid. The following morning, they all had breakfast together, and the Son went off to work. Soon afterwards, a well-dressed stranger came to the house. He introduced himself as a representative of the Company, where their son worked. Instinctively the Mum knew her Son was hurt, but unfortunately the news was worse, a machine at work had mangled him. ...read more.


He is panic-stricken. He tries to cover up, and tell his wife it's a rat, but she insists it is the Son. In the dark he finds the Paw again, and makes the third wish, that this is not in fact his son. Finally the knocking stops, the wife opens the door and there is no one there. The ending is a Cliff Hanger. The magic charm, which appeared harmless had changed this family, had changed the atmosphere, and changed the family, although there was a great bond that was broken. There was a strong relationship between husband and wife, it was strained by the death of the son, and the wife's mental state became poor. The old man blamed himself and was afraid and worried. The language used was expressive and descriptive. It was written pre 1900, and difficult to understand. The language has changed greatly since the story was written. ...read more.

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