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Review of the Royal Shakespeare theatre, in Stratford upon Avon - 'Taming of the Shrew'.

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On the 22nd of May, I went with the school to the Royal Shakespeare theatre, in Stratford upon Avon; to see the Matinee performance of Williams Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew'. The play contained a cast of seven main characters. There was a father in the play called Baptista who had two daughters which were called Katherine and Bianca. Bianca was a very beautiful young lady who was sweet and fare but some times could be a bit childish and immature. Katherine or Kate on the other hand was a wild and fearsome woman who tried everything in her power to make her angel sisters' life a misery. There were many men who wished to marry Bianca such as Hortensio and Gremio. A man who also loved and wished to cart Bianca was Lucentio who disguised himself as a school teacher just to get close to her. The general plot of the play was that Baptista would not let his youngest daughter Bianca marry anyone before there was a husband for his eldest daughter Kate. Hortensio meet his friend Petruchio in the street and sneakily talked him into marrying Kate so that Bianca could meet him, and he could try to make her fall in love with him and marry him. ...read more.


The orchestra also contributed to the sound before and during the play, it was nothing too evident, which didn't really give much of an impact which is a good thing. During the play the stage was lit using foot lights and floodlights, which made it quite bright. The only times when the scene was not light was either when the effect of night was wanted or in Petrushios' when him and Kate arrived for the first time to do this all that was done was that the lights were dimmed lights where dim. Maybe this was because the director wanted to show the difference between the light house that Kate had grown up in and the dark house she was now forced to live in. There was a few times in which light effects were used, for example when there was three blackouts one after the other to show the hours gone past when Petruchio said that he controlled the time. The best use of light effects was the storm outside Petruchios' house, which was very effective, and also an amazing contrast compared to the scene with Bianca in the park, which had a completely different mood that was well conveyed by the lighting used in both scenes. ...read more.


Generally I believed the choice of cast was very well done My favourite part of the play I thought was when Petruchio and Kate met for the first time in the play and the actors showed really well that it was love at first sight. It was my favourite part of the play because it was filled with humour, Romance, attraction and physical humour like when Kate is banging her foot against the door shouting to her father to let her back in the house. Although as a whole I thought the audience really enjoyed the performance and I liked the way the director slipped in a few modern jokes but in my opinion I believe that the director could have made the play to suit different types of audience for teenagers and the older type of audience. The director could have done this by maybe shortening the play because I thought the pace of the play was time-consuming and long-winded and some parts of the play were even quite dull. He could have even either changed the language of the play from Shakespearian to modern or changed the costume from old to modern or even both to make the play more appealing to the younger audience. Overall I enjoyed the performance thurally and it helped me to understand drama to a higher extent. ...read more.

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