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Review Steven Spielbergs' Jaws.

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JAWS Coursework The film was named "Jaws" and was directed by Steven Spielberg, it is about a great white shark threatening the lives of people on Amity Island in the summer of 1975 leaving witnesses terrified, after some shark attacks the beach had to be closed down, however the Mayor of Amity can't afford for the beach to be closed down because the huge number of tourists visiting the beach each day. The movie was originally called "Still in the water", but then changed to "Jaws", the name Jaws is more effective because it suggests sharp teeth and sounds like a predator. The audience of this movie found it terrifying because the film contains blood and glory scenes. In the beginning of the opening sequence, there was no music that was used to show us everything is calm and nothing is going to happen afterwards the camera is moving under sea which represents the shark's point of view along with some tense music, so then the audience establishes that something horrific is going to happen which makes them concentrate and watch the movie with more eagerness. ...read more.


Another technique that Spielberg used to scare the audience was his flicking back and forth of the camera on Chief Brody's anxious face who is not satisfied about the safety of people which people refers to as a reaction shot. After a while the camera moves undersea the audience know that this angle is from the shark's eye relating to the first attack, the angle is called first person angle the camera show the boy on the lilo moving his feet music slowly builds tension and at that moment music gets louder, and we hear screaming which is viewed in a long shot than the music stops. Now viewers know the boy has died because the audience knows that when the music stops so does the attack. The first two attacks were close together to build more tension. It's also to make audiences concentrate and patiently wait for the next attack to happen, however viewers at the time feel nervous knowing an attack can take to place any minute. ...read more.


show how the great white shark is more powerful than a man is and the to show the pain Quint is in, after the shark swallowed Quint there was a long shot to show that Quint is no more alive to show the audience how the shark can easily kill. These angle shots were used to have an impact of scary moment on the viewer to show that the ending can be horrible and disastrous. Spielberg uses four main techniques to create tension and suspense within the film. These four techniques are music, camera angles, facial expression, and also structure. I think that Spielberg was successful using his techniques to get the viewer caught up in this movie. The scariest part of the film is in the beginning when the girl was eaten by the shark in the sea. The way Spielberg used the music and the camera angles were fantastic, the scene was very quiet and in a split second she gets attacked by the audience do not know by what or who. ?? ?? ?? ?? ABDULMALIK ...read more.

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